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Making Trash Useful Essay

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It is an accepted thought that trash is useless garbage. "Trash," as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is things that are no longer useful or wanted and that have been thrown away. This paper will acknowledge the facts that disprove this definition. Trash can be viewed different ways by so many people and this will lay out some of those very clearly. The reason for this paper is to explain ways to make use for garbage that no one wants, and as a result, better the environment, lifestyles, and our overall value of being on planet Earth.
Trash is a huge problem in the world today. Each person produces 4.3 pounds of trash every day, and 85% of that trash is sent to the landfills. This causes so many problems for our people, country, animals, and environment in the short term, but also in the future. Every day people throw away plastic bottles, wrapping, boxes, gum, food, cans, etc. All of these things do not just disappear once they go down the garbage shaft of your apartment building. Those things all have to end up somewhere. It is a law of science that matter cannot be created or destroyed. So, any matter that exists, will exist forever. Should humans really be allowing this "waste" to exist among our landfills for ages and ages forever? Or should they do something about it? Figure out a way to reuse and recycle and give back to earth as it has given so much to them.

Composting has almost seemed like a new trend over the past decade or so, but it really is one of the biggest solutions to the trash problem that humans have discovered. As God said about our bodies coming from the dust and to dust they shall return, food and other materials that have been produced by land should be returned to land so that the cycle may continue. This seems logical, although not everyone has really caught onto it. By replacing things such as vegetables, fruits, pastas, bread, foliage, etc. back into the ground, the earth will then, as a result, produce more new fruit, vegetables, etc. The ground will feed animals that produce meat, and their fecal matter can also be used as fertilizer for ground that is being harvested for human use. Everything in our world is a cycle. And everyone can help everyone by coming together using simple things like composting, for example.

This graph shows how little composting has been occurring over time and really makes one think about how this can and should change. These are the kinds of things that people all over the world need to see. This would give them an image to stick in their minds so that they reconsider the next time they start to dump things in the trash, or at least think twice.
Recycling is another amazing way to help the environment. This has been around for forever but could still be enforced more to have an even bigger impact on the world and the environment. Recycling has many benefits including economic and environmental ones. If more people decided to enforce recycling and started businesses, they...

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