Using Evidence To Support Professional Practice And Policy

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Topic: Treating patients and service users with respect, dignity and compassion.
My two research papers are entitled ‘The development of a model of dignity in illness based on qualitative interviews with seriously ill patients’ , Van Gennip et al.(2013) and ‘The effect of the Liverpool Care Pathway for the dying: a multi-centre study’ , Veerbeek et al. (2008).
To open I must state that I really struggled to find relevant articles with methods. The first article, van Gennip et al.(2013) I attained from the International journal of nursing studies. I first attempted to gather evidence from ODP specific journals such as the Journal of Perioperative Practice, using search terms such as; compassion and dignity. There were numerous results; however there were no appropriate results with a study and a method section. I wanted to expand my search area so I specifically used the search terms; international, to cover a wider field of results. Nursing, as my topic would is more relatable to nursing. Thirdly I used study, as I needed to have a research paper with a method. These search terms entered into the A-Z of journals in Oxford Brookes database resulted in the finding of the International journal of nursing studies. This journal was within the database of ‘Science direct’. Searching within the journal on Science direct I used the specific term of dignity. I chose my article as the other results in my opinion were not as valid, for example; some had only had interviewed one person (smaller collections of evidence fail to give consensus) others where older (older evidence can become outdated).
The second article I chose continued the topic of the seriously ill patients and my topic of treating patients and service users with respect, dignity and compassion. I used the specific search terms of palliative and medicine. I used the term palliative as this was another side of patient care that is rarely experienced as an ODP. I also used the term medicine as I already had a nursing based journal, so I wanted an opposing, more technical and concise article to ensure a holistic approach. These search terms entered into the A-Z of journals in Oxford Brookes database resulted in the finding of the Palliative medicine journal. This journal was within the database of pro quest. Searching within the journal on pro quest I used the specific terms of; care, another word for compassion. Dying, to ensure the seriously ill topic. Lastly, multi centre study, this would give a superior and wider evidence pool. I ordered by relevance and chose my second article specifically as the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) has been disbanded. The use of the LCP has been highly criticized in the media. One example of this was in the daily mail, they published an article damming the use of the LCP stating that...

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