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Using Gripe Water As A Treatment For Colic

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Babies who develop colic, which is acute pain in the stomach area, often show these symptoms two to three weeks after birth. This can be agonizing for both the parents and the baby, causing the parents stress levels to become elevated because of their baby’s constant crying. However, seeing their otherwise healthy and happy infant in pain renders them helpless. While there is no cure for colic and babies usually outgrow it, there is a product to help relieve the pain almost immediately. The name of this product is gripe water. It is homeopathic sterile water, which contains natural herbs and other natural ingredients. People in Europe have been using gripe water for centuries to relieve colic, and learning how to use gripe water may bring comfort to your baby, as well as peace of mind to the parents.

Gripe water, while its main use is to soothe colic, has also been used for teething pain as well. Adults have taken gripe water in larger doses to soothe stomach cramps. Originally introduced in the 1800’s by William Woodward, an American pharmacist who was training in England, this formula was first used to treat babies with malaria. William Woodward noticed that it also had a calming affect on babies, and soothed upset stomachs. He was the first to market this product and called it Woodward’s Gripe Water. The term “gripe” came from a 19th century slang word called “watery gripes”, which described gastroenteritis.

There are many different brands of gripe water, but the ingredients in most are essentially the same. The...

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