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The Use Of Oral Sources Essay

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I, like many others, learnt about the history of my family through chatting with those who remembered them, hearing the stories of the good old days, and discovering the significant events that shaped my families’ lives. I caught the gossip and even learnt the songs they sang as they shared in jollification and other family customs, all from the memories of those who were there. This provided answers, gave me a sense of belonging and anecdotes I can pass down for generations. Family history gives a strong sense of a much longer lifespan and will survive beyond death. Oral history can be defined as a systematic process by which an individual’s memories or eyewitness accounts of the past are collected and the process recorded and analyzed to provide answers or incite for questions written sources left unanswered. Records have shown that the use of oral evidence dates back as far as Herodotus who was considered the father of history. It showed that he relied a great deal on eyewitness accounts to tell the stories of the Peloponnesian war, and before the art of writing became the norm, even when written evidence was available, historians also relied on witnesses’ accounts to help them reconstruct the past and enhance the written records (Ritchie) . The use of Oral history experienced a resurgence when it was made easier by the invention of recording equipment. The use of oral sources continues to be a legitimate informant of historical evidence, providing eyewitness accounts, and valuable insight enhancing the formal written records.
In opposition to the 'History from Above' promoted by historians like Leopold von Ranke, who concentrated solely on writing the stories of political, social, and religious elites, History from Below began, and focused on recording the history of common people. It is a history concerned with the experiences, ideas, and lives of those people, and groups that were neglected by the previous historians. It focuses on the working class, women and minority groups. It can be regarded as an attempt to make the writings of history more accurate and complete. It explores the lives of the underclass groups, unprivileged individuals, seek to investigate new sources and reinterpret the way history was previously written. However, the main problem identified with writing History from Below is the absence of written sources. As the records pertaining to these individuals or groups, who were not considered to be a part of the upper echelon of society, were either produced by the elites, or these individuals had little or no documented history available. As a result, the use of Oral history was a significant tool in recording the stories these people previously omitted, giving a more inclusive and accurate picture of history. This is also the observations of Commager who viewed “the history records as being distorted and lopsided as a result of knowing so much about European people’s way of life and writing it,...

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