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While suspects are getting smarter by using more technical and advance ways of committing their crimes. Law enforcement has tried to keep up and even get one step in front of the criminals by finding more advanced technology. This paper will show just some of the new technology that law enforcement has started using in helping capture criminals. It will also show some of the technology that has come out to track the criminals that have been caught in the past. As the criminals come out with new ways to commit crimes law enforcement must keep up with their tactics.
Computers in Police Vehicles
The days of the officer pulling a vehicle or responding to a call without much information is gone. In today’s law enforcement advance technology has made it where officers can have an on board computer in the patrol unit. Most all of the vehicle computers are notebook computers and are mounted inside the squad car. Almost all department have went to down loading MIS (Management Information System) into their computers. This program will let the officer’s record, store and access data from reported crimes, arrests, gun permits, warrants and calls. Officers can have this information quicker than calling it in and having to wait for dispatch to get the information back to them. If an officer pulls a vehicle over they can check on their own if the vehicle is stolen or wanted in connection to another crime. The other program the officers can have on their computers is the CAD (computer aided dispatch system). This will help officers to respond to more urgent calls and stack less urgent calls by prioritizing them. CAD can also track the officers and can see how long they have been out on a call. This is good for officer safety also because if they have been out for too long the dispatch knows to send a unit to check on them. Detectives have computers in their vehicles also, but they have a lot more extensive program geared towards analysis than the regular police officer does. They can access reports that will have Victims information, witnesses and even suspect’s information. The Detectives can pull up anything they need to help in their investigation of the crime. The Detectives can even pull up field interrogation from the officers that they did in the field. This will let the Detectives know what suspects may have been in the area when the crime took place. The Detectives can also access alias files on suspects or people of interest in the crime. It will even pull up known associations that the suspect may have. Investigating crimes can be very time consuming for Detectives to find all the information but this makes their job a little easier by having it at their fingertips.
Crime Mapping
This program help the Federal, State, Local law enforcement agencies in knowing where crimes are going on and what location they are happening. Having this information will help law enforcement to analyze and formulate crime patterns in their area. Crime mapping has...

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