The Use Of Stereotypes In Dr. No And Rising Sun

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The films Dr. No (1962) and Rising Sun (1994) both rely on the use of heroes and stereotypes to tell their story.The first James Bond movie, Dr. No, is filled with stereotypes that would be considered very politically incorrect today. Although Connery's character is actually representing Great Britain, he is your stereotypical popular American hero. He doesn't possess any superpowers and he doesn't wear a mask and cape, so why is he such an icon? Because he is Secret Agent 007 - an intelligent and attractive white male with a cultivated taste in food and drink (and cigarettes), fighting super-villains all over the world, while getting involved with various beautiful women in the process. The other characters are stereotypical representations of people based on race, class, ethnicity, and gender. All of the black men are represented as either villains, or dumb and harmless helpers of the underworld. In the beginning of the movie we see that it is the three black men that shot and killed a white man and white woman. Later we are introduced to Quarrel, the Jamaican man who is just represented as a big and harmless dumb islander. Near the end of the movie, Quarrel is killed. It's as if saying that Quarrel has done his job in helping Bond, so now his life must be sacrificed for the white hero. Women are portrayed as being weak and helpless, and often times, "blonde bimbos". Bond likes to flirt with the women to get them into bed, and the women will usually always willingly fall under his spell. He also takes...

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930 words - 4 pages “The Sun Rising” by John Donne is an aubade all about two lovers getting woken up by the sun when all they want to do is lay in bed all day. The entire poem is the speaker, presumably Donne himself, is talking to the sun and telling him to go away. This poem is broken into three stanzas with a rhyme scheme of ABBACDCDEE. Each of those stanzas represents what Donne is telling the sun to do, which is, to go away, I am stronger than you, and that

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1527 words - 6 pages    While reading Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Arthur Conan Doyle's A Study in Scarlet and Sign of the Four, I found myself impatiently competing against Mr. Utterson and Sherlock Holmes to find out the solutions to the crimes.  Stevenson and Doyle cleverly use the imagination of their protagonists to display through fictional literature the concern late Victorians felt about the rise of a new

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