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Malacca Went From A Village Of Primitive Malay Fisherman To A Wealthy Kingdom

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Malacca is the most historical state and situated on the southwest of Peninsular Malaysia. It is established by Parameswara in 1380-1403. A lot of changes from a village of royal refugees or well known as a little village of primitive Malay fisherman to a wealthy kingdom. Richard Winstedt, the author of Malaya and Its History had written that century Malacca as a great kingdom had grown into an important port and the golden era of an emperor. The Malacca Empire was said to consist of the entire of the Malay Peninsular, the eastern parts of Sumatera and the Riau-Lingga Archipelago. This is supported by Duarte Barbosa, who was a Portuguese writer and he had stated that Malacca well known a ...view middle of the document...

Since then, Portuguese had conquered Goa in India and start to awareness about the importance of Malacca. The Portuguese want to become one of the most powerful nations in the world with widen their tiny kingdom and simultaneously spread their religion and reduce the influence of Islam in the East. Royal Portuguese had sent five ships commanded by Diego Lopez de Sequiera which safely arrived in Malacca on 11 August 1509 with instructed to seek permission from the Sultan of Malacca to use Malacca as a transit port for Portuguese ships and sailors between India and China. As stated in the book, since the villagers never having seen Europeans, they thought the bearded as white Bengalis. But unfortunately, the expedition sailed was failed. Then, the author describes that many of the Portuguese were captured and imprisoned by the Sultan because of their presence was a threat to their livelihood and wanted to get rid of them.
The Richard Winstedt had written ‘But a Javanese strumpet revealed the Malay design to her Portuguese lover, and the Malays could only kidnap some 20 Portuguese who were ashore buying cloves’ which means that the conflict began when Sultan Mahmud Shah made a mistake by capturing 2 Portuguese ships and 20 Portuguese sailors. Sultan Mahmud Shah has shown the poor leadership skills like corruption in political and economic instability.
On 2 May 1511, Afonso de Albuquerque, the Governor and Captain-General of the East decided to organize an expedition destined to conquer Malacca with 16 ships and a force of 800 Portuguese and 300 Malabari. This is supported by the author that Portuguese army was more disciplined and experienced which led by capable and experienced leader, Alfonso d’Albuquerque. The Alfonso de Albuquerque had demanded the return of prisoner but the Sultan of Malacca tried to gain time in order to strengthen the town defense. Afonso de Albuquerque only waited for six days and then burnt some houses on the foreshore and all shipping in the harbor. As stated in the book, Afonso de Albuquerque was not satisfied and attacked the town concentration the assault on the bridge of the river which dividing the town during dawn of 25 July 1511. The author also highlighted that ‘The first day of the assault saw a great part of the city burnt and the mosque and a bridge-head captured, but, his enemy’s formation intact’ which means that the destruction of the city of Malacca and meanwhile the Portuguese does not affected. After a series of attacks, finally...

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