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Throughout the history of storytelling, there have always been storybook characters that inspire and motivate young readers to become more engaged and knowledgeable about the struggles that some people go through. Reading has always been a pastime of mine; while reading I collect new friends in wonderful places that otherwise I could only dream of. Each of these characters that I have befriended and connected with over the years, has shaped my personality in some way or another, and choosing just one seems an impossible task. Although women’s rights have skyrocketed in the past century, overall the world is still predominately male-orientated, but the world of books has no bounds for inspirational women. Countless authors have written books with strong female leads, most of them fiction, but nonetheless inspirational. When choosing the most influential to me, I could start by writing about the character that first allowed me to immerse myself in the world of the written language, Nancy Drew. Or I could write about the character that allowed me to feel comfortable with being unique and intelligent, Hermione Granger. But I won’t go into those clichés, the book character that has inspired me more than the heroines starring in the hundreds of books that I’ve read is real life Super Girl, Malala Yousafzai.
Malala Yousafzai released her memoir, I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban in 2013, recounting her struggles as a schoolgirl oppressed by the Taliban while living in Pakistan. For those who may not be familiar with her story, Malala became an undercover correspondent for BBC at the age of 12, writing about her thoughts on the ongoing war and how the Taliban was frightfully forcing the girls in her school to no longer attend. This fear driven tactic caused her school, along with hundreds of other girls’ schools, to close. After some time, her school reopened and sooner or later word got out that she was the undercover correspondent and she began to appear on television, advocating the need for female education while also receiving awards for her brave, clandestine journalism. In 2012, the Taliban, infuriated by her speaking out against them, sent out a hit on her and she was shot through her head, neck, and shoulder. This injury left her in a coma for a week and left the world in awe of the 15 year old girl who was brazen enough to butt heads with the most notorious terrorist organization in modern history.
Today, it is common to read about men and women freely protesting unequal rights in the United States, but to read about a 15 year old girl with a bounty on her head for doing the same thing? That’s almost...

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