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Malaria And Ddt, It’s Effects Essay

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Malaria is a disease which is caused by parasites (Plasmodium falciparum) carried by mosquitoes and transmitted to humans by bite from the infected mosquito. Malaria occurs in tropical countries mostly in rural villages, townships, and close spaced shacks away from the urban cities where there are lack of access to the proper healthcare for the disease. Malaria has killed many people on the African continent. And even though there are proper treatments for the disease now, many people don’t have access to them. And there are many insecticides used to fumigate any insects but there is only one that is commonly used.
Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane or DDT for short is an insecticide which is ...view middle of the document...

DDT should be used to combat malaria because the product has been effective on reducing mosquito population which in turn lowered the risks of people getting malaria. In countries for example India had up to 75 million cases of malaria but then dropped to fewer than 5 million cases over a decade. In South Africa, malaria wasn’t a problem and the cases were very low during the early and mid-20th century but after the ban of DDT at the Stockholm Convention in 2002. The malaria increased and spread even further in South Africa into KwaZulu-Natal.
From an article written by Tony Carnie which was published on page 8 of Pretoria News on 4th March 2004, it said a group of Canadian and Mexican researchers along with Professor Tiaan de Jager of University of Pretoria’s health department came together found high levels of DDT exposure in blood of the tested men in Mexico and they did a similar test in the North Kwa-Zulu Natal province and found the same results as the ones from Mexico. How they found out was they observed and discovered some abnormalities in the semen. The sperm could not swim as fast as they normally use to and the volume of it decreased. And I read the article even further and found out that once exposed to DDT it can survive in the tissues of animals and humans for up to 20 years.
DDT is used outside in the hot and humid temperatures. In an article about the effects of DDT on the environment from the internet contributed by Richard Posner a senior lecturer and co-author of...

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