Malaysian Airlines Report

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Basic First Aid in Cruise lines First Aid Tips for Severe Allergic Reaction:Signs and Symptoms of Severe Allergic Reactions:Swelling from the infected area, mouth, throat or face.The skin will turn into red or an itchy rash on the skin.Problem with breathing which is same as asthma attack.Dizziness, weakness.First Aid Tips To follow:Help the patient to take a medicine which is prescribed for severe allergic reaction.Make the patient lie down if they are not well in taking breathe.If he is unable to take breathe, let him lie down and start CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).If the allergy affected area is exposed to chemicals, wash the area carefully with water.Call the ambulance if the condition of the patient is not improving. First Aid Tips for Asthma:Asthma will be occurred if the breathing passes narrow. This is due to the chest pain in some cases asthma is also caused due to dust, fur, smoke and fog.Signs and Symptoms of Asthma:Unable to take breathe properly and difficulty in speaking.Getting a whistle sound while breathing.Continuous cough.First Aid Tips to Follow:Let the patient to sit in a comfortable position.Supply him/her regular asthma medicine which was prescribed by the doctor.Call the ambulance if the condition of the patient is not increased. First Aid Tips for Burns:Burns will mostly caused by heat, chemicals and extreme cold. Burns results in skin loss and tissues damage.First Aid Tips to follow:You should help the patient if he is not in the serious condition i.e. if it is not a third degree burns.Flood the burnt area with water for at least 20 minutes. It's not safe to use ice. First aid gel should be applied gently at the burnt place instead of cold water. If cold water and the first aid gel are not available at the moment, it is recommended to use soft drinks or beer can be used.Let the patient should stand under a shower or taking bath is the best practice for burns. It is not recommended to place the children under the shower for 20 minutes as it may leads to the hyperthermia.Call the ambulance if the burns includes eyes, involves pain and if larger than the half of the patient's arms.It is better to remove the clothes as well as jewelry from the burnt area. Do not remove them forcibly which were struck by the skin.Do not use creams and ointments on the burnt areas.Cover the burnt area with a cling or a fresh dressing. First Aid Tips for Diabetes:The most common thing that occurs with Diabetes is low blood sugar or the sugar level in the blood will be lowered than the required amount. This condition is also known as hypoglycaemia.Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes:Sweating.Falling unconsciousness.Unable to speak properly, little bit confusion, shakiness.First Aid Tips to Follow:If the patient is conscious, offer them some sweets, sugar and after that a small meal.If the patient is unconscious, let the patient lie on his side.Call the ambulance if the condition is not improving. First Aid Tips for Head Injuries:Head injuries...

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8095 words - 32 pages overcome by a fire.Saturday 15 MarchKuala Lumpur denies a report which said the ongoing investigation "conclusively" suggests the missing Malaysia Airlines flight was hijacked. Meanwhile, a US official reveals that investigators are looking into the possibility that the "conclusive" hijacking may have been "an act of piracy". Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak confirms the movement of the aircraft was consistent with deliberate action by someone

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8095 words - 32 pages overcome by a fire.Saturday 15 MarchKuala Lumpur denies a report which said the ongoing investigation "conclusively" suggests the missing Malaysia Airlines flight was hijacked. Meanwhile, a US official reveals that investigators are looking into the possibility that the "conclusive" hijacking may have been "an act of piracy". Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak confirms the movement of the aircraft was consistent with deliberate action by someone

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2334 words - 10 pages Case Study on Air Asia I. A full Strategic Appraisal Introduction: In the year 1993, Air Asia was founded by the Malaysian Government as a sister airline to the major Malaysian Cargo airline known as MAS. After its establishment Air Asia started its operation in 1996 and early 2002 Air Asia was less recognised as MAS aviation was dominating the market. There was a complete support from the Government as a part of State Own Enterprise focusing

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7701 words - 31 pages and business-to-business services. Some airlines, including Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airlines, are using the web-based exchange to expand customer service and provide new technology-based solutions for assisting travel in the Asian region.Mergers and alliances have also played a prominent role in the airline industry this year. Several nations have contributed to the corresponding 'open skies' pacts across the Pacific, which will

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4333 words - 17 pages Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) entered a regional partnership that enabled HSBC's credit cardholders in certain Asian countries to convert their credit card rewards points to SIA's KrisFlyer frequent flyer miles. Additionally, Singapore Airlines is a member of Star Alliance, an international airline alliance comprised of 18 international carriers. Codeshare partners include: Silkair, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Malaysian Airlines, Royal

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7843 words - 31 pages International Airlines: RevisitedThe humble beginning (1947 ~ 1972)SIA traces its roots to an organization called Malayan Airways that offered its first commercial passenger service in May 1947. The modern incarnation; SIA was born in 1972 when the Malaysia Singapore Airlines was officially split into two new airline companies, SIA and Malaysian Airlines System. Since its launch, SIA had set out for international connections and business as the

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1877 words - 8 pages share in Thailand is smaller than in Philippines and Malaysia; it is unlikely to support four LCCs in the long run and will eventually further pressure AirAsia’s yield (AirAsia Faces, 2013). The price-cutting war does not only exist among LCCs, full-serviced airlines on regional scale also jumped into this war to retain their market share and prevent their price-sensitive customers to switch brand. Malaysia national airlines like Malaysian

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2805 words - 11 pages , London 6. Timmers, P., 1999, 'Electronic Commerce Strategies and Models for Business-to-Business Trading', Chichester, John Wiley and Sons 7. Turban E., Lee, K., King., D & Chung, H., M, 2002, 'Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective', Prentice Hall, New York Magazines 1. 'Air Asia, The New Kid in the Skies', Asian Airlines & Aerospace, Vol. 10, No. 3, March 2002 2. 'A Flying Star', Malaysian Business, 16th July 2002 3. 'Continuous

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8522 words - 34 pages to prepare a report on the technical preparations of the CLM countries to join ASEAN and to present it at a Special Meeting of ASEAN Foreign Ministers in Kuala Lumpur on 31 May 1997.At the Special Meeting in the Malaysian capital, the Secretary-General concluded his presentation of the report that the CLM countries were all technically prepared to join ASEAN and had given satisfactory written undertakings to fulfil all obligations of membership

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4587 words - 18 pages transport marketplace will be stable and growing furiously. Based on Chiu & Raghuvanshi (2013) findings, according to consultancy Centre of Aviation, in Southeast Asia, passengers have kept budget airlines profitable which lead to more than 52% of the air capacity are occupied by low-cost carriers which is more than doubling up their share for their entire Asian-Pacific region. Moreover, according to HVS Global Hospitality Report (2013), it is

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2780 words - 12 pages lost airplane and can help narrow down the possible theories. Zelikow, Philip. The 9/11 Commission Report. New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 2002. Print. This book gives a good recap of how the planes were hijacked on 9/11. I can use this information in my paper as an example of the fate of Malaysian flight 370. It also helps explain motive for the hijacking which could help me narrow down the suspects on my list. This is the most well documented account of a hijacking and it can help me really go into detail about the fate of flight 370.

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2964 words - 12 pages HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN COMPUTING AND BUSINESS APPLICATIONMARKETING PLAN FOR MALAYSIAN AIRLINE SYSTEM BERHADPrepared For : Datuk Mohamed Nor YusofPrepared By : Amit Sharma and Prashant ThukurReport Date : 15th Dec 2003CONTENTS1.Executive Summary2.Introduction3.Situational analysis4.Objective*Short Term ( 1 year)*Long Term ( 3 year)5.Strategy6.Tactics7.Action Plan8.Controls9.Contribution of eMarketing1.0 Executive summaryIn Malaysian airlines

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3413 words - 14 pages and that the lost is only increasing every year. It was stated that in 2013 Malaysian Airlines had a negative 4% profit margin while the worlds average airlines profit margins were 5% and up. In the last year the airlines domestic yield performance decreased by seven percent. The company’s losses can be attributed to the expansion which the carrier has been implementing. The carrier’s expansion included adding 21 new aeroplanes as well as

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1930 words - 8 pages that arose after the accident happen and reaction of Malaysia airline during the search mission. Further, reports include some key strategies to follow up and collective evidence data of relatives of missing family members. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Requested by management of Malaysian airlines at Australian sub-continent this is the business report of including some of positive strategies to overcome the negative believes or ideas against

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1496 words - 6 pages Malaysia Airline (MAS). The performances between these two airlines are totally different. Malaysian Airlines (MAS) recorded a high amount of loss recently. In fact, MAS has been suffered from continuous losses since 2011. Koon (2014) stated that MAS net loss amounted to RM 2.52 billion in 2011, followed by RM 433 million in 2012, and subsequently make a loss of RM 1.17 billion in 2013. There is a 9% increase in the revenue, nonetheless MAS still