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Obesity is described as being in the state of being grossly fat or overweight (Oxford Dictionaries). It is also defined as a condition where a pathological exorbitance of body fat is present in a person, said Zahra Aycan (2009). In November 2013, Malaysia has become the top in the list for obesity and diabetes in South-East Asia and ranked sixth in the Asia-Pacific region for obesity (Edwards, 2013). As we all know, a person is categorized as obesity when he or she has a body mass index (BMI) that is more than thirty. A research on ‘prevalence of obesity among children’ has been conducted in 2008 by University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and resulted to a finding that ...view middle of the document...

According to Wan Hafiz Wan Zainal Shukri (2005), in a thesis titled Consumer Eating Habits and Nutritional Perception of Hawker Foods, citing Toh & Birchenough (2000), hawker food has been explicate as a food that is, “ready-to-eat or prepared on demand foods, for immediate consumption onsite or takeaways by small ubiquitous entrepreneurs”. Based on an online newspaper article titled Number of Obese Malaysians on the Rise, Dr Mohd Khairy Yaakub (2013) said that as a result of too occupied lifestyle, everyday time devoted to meal preparation has subsided due to family preferences to eat on-the-go. Workers that have family basically have no time to spend a quality time with their family including to have a proper meal together. According to a thesis written by Wan Hafiz Wan Zainal Shukri (2005), it is not burdensome for working grown-up to buy ready-to-eat foods from nearby hawker centers, food stalls or food court. This will perturb their growing children because meals that does not have well-balanced nutrient could lead them to obesity.
In one of the studies we found, based on thesis Consumer Eating Habits and Nutritional Perception of Hawker Foods, it is a ready-to-eat food that can be prepared on demand, makes it easier for toddler to eat (Toh & Birchenough, 2000). The second eating habit that will cause obesity among children is they tends to eat fast food and soft drink. Study found that the taste of the food is necessitous more than the nutritional contains in the food (cited in Wan Hafiz Wan Zainal, 2005). Basically, nowadays generation y and z in this era are exposed to technologies where the looks and taste are important. It is because of various kind of advertisements have blinded them. Children love to see their foods decorated with colorful ingredients as this can aggrandize their appetite. Not only that, it must satisfy their taste bud too. Parents who prepare food must have the ability to make a tasty, delicious and good-looking food to attract their toddlers to eat them and eventually loves homemade cooking. According to Dr. Lokman (2013), “children did not aware about caloric content of food”. It is because they did not have the thought about the nutrient in the food they take, they only know to fill in their stomach with food that they love which is basically fast foods that contain high-calories and bad nutrient that leads them to obesity.
Citing Ang & Foo (2002) said, eating out and eating at hawker stall is a food phenomenon, said Wan Hafiz Wan Zainal (2005). As we mentioned earlier, eating out has basically become a habit among Malaysian especially during night. Malaysian dietary is changing due to worldwide integration and advancement makes the meal pattern changes (Wan Hafiz Wan Zainal, 2005). Common people around the world eat five times a day which are breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and supper. This will cause obesity if only they take large portion of each meal. In an online newspaper article titled Malaysians Getting...

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