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Impact Of British Imperialism On Malaya

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Malaysia was once a colonized land and known as Malaya back then. Malaysia is one of the Commonwealth countries, which means Malaysia was one of the British colonies.
Malaysia was under British powers for approximately 446 years (from 1511 until 1957)
The Portuguese, Dutch, British, Japanese & even Siamese had colonized Malaya before.

1. Portuguese: 1511-1641
2. Dutch: 1641-1824
3. British: 1824-1942, 1945-1957
4. Siamese: 1821-1909
5. Japanese: 1942-1945

The British first came in the late 1700s. In the late 18th century, the British East India Company traded in and partially controlled India. When Malaya caught their attention, they began to look for a base in Malaya. The British under Francis Light had occupied Penang and founded Georgetown.
At that time, they began looking for a base in Malaya in 1786; the British under Francis Light occupied Penang and founded Georgetown. In 1800, they took over Province Wellesly or more known locally as Seberang Prai.
British came to Malaya for many different reasons; they were looking for new resources for their factories back in Britain. The growth of China trade in British ship increased their company’s desire for bases in the region near it.
Main reasons for the interest of British in the country in the 19th Century: The opening of Singapore, The Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824, the establishment and transfer of power of the straits, Settlement Intervention of the Malay States, the progress of British Administration and opening of the rubber estates.

Factors of British colonialism in Malaya were because there were vas natural resources in Malaya, strategic location and also to extend their influence; to be seen as a big powerful nation, and finally to spread the Christian faith.
There were no unity among the inhabitants in Malaya and this had been seen as an opportunity for British to interfere by installation of a British adviser or Resident.

Impact of British Imperialism on Malaya’s Politics

Throughout the British Imperialism in Malaya, politics in Malaya during 1948 – 60 periods were very much constrained by the Emergency regulations, which stringently muted freedom of movement, freedom of publications and freedom of speech. Therefore, freedom and basic human rights were not encouraged in Malaya during the Emergency. The Emergency regulations have increased the power of the executive at the cost of the individual. The effective government is a military oligarchy, with a command apparatus demanding absolute obedience, which is also a system of police surveillance.

Following to its repressions from the British, Malayans retained their equal citizenships to Both Malays and Non Malays. Although the British proposed string non-Malay opposition to the terms of the federal constitution, however this opposition made little progression. As a result of this particular undertaking, non-communal parties specifically those in the Left-wing multi-racial AMCJA-PUTERA from the political...

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