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Malaysians Are Like The Rainbow Essay

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Malaysians are like the rainbow. Seven different colours streaking across the sky. Captivating and pleasant to the eyes. Reminiscent of the bridge that connects both sides of the world. The rainbow reflects upon our country, Malaysia. By looking at the big picture, it is a nation consisting of colourful people and religion.I believe in the true spirit of 'Malaysia Boleh' and it is not just any MAD hollering in the stadium. It is who we are, Malaysians. Malaysians are undoubtedly capable of achieving their dreams and hopes. Look at what Malaysians have accomplished so far since "Merdeka", what we also know as independence or the day this country obtained freedom from foreign powers. For forty five years, Malaysians have recorded many incredible feats along the way. To name a few would be easy, such as the Petronas Twin Towers; tallest in the world, an emblem of Malaysian pride and Putrajaya; a modern city. All these have proven the competitive spirit of Malaysians. What others are capable of, we can do it too. That is what 'boleh' all about. Moreover, it means that as a Malaysian, you have to play your role in bringing this country a head above the rest. In my opinion, that is what being a Malaysian means. The greatest gift which all Malaysians are blessed with; which most of us do not realize, is that our country is one of the most peaceful places on earth. I am really thankful that I was born a Malaysian. Not in any other country like Afghanistan or being born an 'untouchable'; the lowest caste in India. I am the most privileged person on earth. I am living in a country that is united, advanced and harmonious. Isn't that great? I feel lucky even till today, as I am writing in my own room, listening to the soothing music of the radio. Whereas abroad, human lives seem cheap and dispensable, its number decreasing tremendously due to endless catastrophes. Malaysian life seems to contrast deeply with other nations overseas. Although Malaysia is now plagued with a sudden burst of crime activity; rape, our situation here pales in comparison to the other countries like in America, every one out of five gets sexually assaulted. I just feel fortunate that I am a Malaysian, not having to go through war, worrying day and night when the world is about to end. However, feeling thankful is not good enough; something tells me that I should return...

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