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Malcom X And The Muslim Mosque Inc.

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In 1964, Malcolm X broke away from the Nation of Islam and formed the Muslim Mosque Inc. After breaking away from the Nation of Islam Malcolm X traveled to Mecca on the traditional Islamic hajj, while there he saw the beauty of the unity of humanity and embraced a true Islamic culture. After arriving back in the United States he had a different outlook on white people, that some were willing to help his cause. After being back he formed the Organization for Afro-American Unity (OAAU), Malcolm X’s primary concern in 1964 for was to establish ties with black activists, the OAAU was “potential source of ideological guidance for more militant veterans of the souther civil rights movement.” ("Martin Luther King Jr: Research and Education Institute") A month and half before Malcolm X was assassinated, December 31, 1964 he gave a speech “Advice to the Youth of Mississippi” thirty-seven teenagers from McComb, Mississippi made a trip to New York City sponsored by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. In this paper I will be analyzing the speech “Advice to the Youth of Mississippi” by using Larson’s, “Tools for Motivation and Emotion”, three of Saul Alinsky’s Thirteen Tactics and Alinsky’s theory, “A Word About Words.”
Needs are the first process premise in “The Tools of Motivation and Emotion.” Needs are defined as critical needs, things we cannot live without, like food, water, clothing and shelter or non-critical; things we can get along without but want, like, others approval. (Larson) Malcolm X has a need for security, he wants true freedom and equality for everyone. In his speech he says:
We think that if the government says that Negros have the right to vote, and, then some Negroes come out and vote, and some kind of Ku Klux Klan is going to put them in the river, and the government doesn’t do anything about it, it’s time for us to organize and band together and equip ourselves and qualify ourselves to protect ourselves.(Advice to the Youth of Mississippi pp 7)
He is talking about the welfare of the people. He wants blacks to learn how to organize and band together for a joint cause, if the government is not helping them, then they need to help each other help themselves. If the audience is behind him in the fight or they think that the government is not doing enough to help, they will feel persuaded to come fight.
The second process premise is Emotion in “The Tools of Motivation and Emotion.” Emotion is define as “the models of understanding and reacting to our feelings and beliefs.” (Larson 205) There are five basic components of emotions. The first is cognitive evaluation of a situation, this means that one is aware and has thought over the situation. (Larson) Physiological desire or a change in bodily functions, for example an adrenalin rush is the second component of emotion. (Larson) The third component of emotion is to motor expression; what we physically do in a situation. (Larson) Readiness or motivational...

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