Male And Female Segregated Education (Co Ed Versus Single Sex School): Separate But Equal

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Males and females are different genders, different minds, different personalities, different abilities and different even in the smallest aspects of life. These days, many people argue about why segregated education for males and females is a controversial issue. People argue about why they have to change the view of sharing the same classes. How does a co-educational school made students familiar with the real world despite the fact that the real world is aggregated? They think that gender is not as important as education itself, but researchers have started to notice the difference in education when males and females are separated in school classes, and they have begun to perform some experiments about what is better for both genders. They took some countries as examples for their research and analyzed the consequences of this separation such as Saudi Arabia.
It is clear that many parents now prefer to put their children in single sex education; and this subject is under processing now to make more opportunities and choices for supporters and not so demanding. According to Danielle Wood “in 1995 there were only 2 public single sex schools in the country. By 2007 there were 49. Sax says that by September 2008, there will be more than 360 public schools offering some sort of single sex academic offering” ( That shows some parents have started to demand opening new single sex education.
Also, some parents and students support separation because they feel that it could achieve equality. IQ tests reveal that “males and females score pretty much alike. Since this is true, why do women seem less creative?” According to researchers “In some cases, women cannot be creative because they are discriminated against.”( People around the world have different thoughts and points of view on segregation depending on the factors that influence their life such as customs and traditions. Therefore, the question of combined or separated education has many aspects in terms of psychology, social life, economy and religion.
On the psychological side males and females go through a volatile phase in the adolescent age. In this period of time their bodies are exposed to many different emotional, physical and psychological changes. According to scientists, the teenage years are related to sexual maturation. So their bodies want to reach sexual maturity because some are hormones introduced by their bodies were introduced which makes them attracted to each other; this is why their physical characteristics changes. Also, their brains are in a level which is still growing. Moreover, the adolescent age is the most period that teenager are struggling with emotional feeling and psychological changing.( That appears clearly in their behavior and their act especially in the school.
However, teenagers nowadays are more open to the outside world; therefore, researchers concerned about the behavior that teenagers could act in co-educational...

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