Male And Female Styles Of Coping With And Experiencing Anger In Marriage

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Objective Of The Report: This case will be prepared after conducting research. I will try my utmost to gather all the feasible and realistic material for this case report. This is to give an understanding of the male and female styles of coping with and experiencing anger in marriage Introduction: Coexisting American society of course offers ample chance for psychological grief. Ever since the 19th century, conventional pre-industrial family values have been pushed aside in favor of the different pleasures of mass consumption. In a lenient, self-indulgent society, there is less and less use for self-discipline and self-control. When anything goes, nothing means anything, and all paths lead nowhere. And right in the middle of nowhere you are sure to find distress, hollow, and distress. The problem of stress in marriage has become a most discussed debate in day-to-day conversations today. It is very common to hear from our friends, colleagues, and family members complaining about-facing difficulty in managing the stress in marriage of everyday living. Most of us talk about and make efforts to control the events that are the main cause of stress as we all are well aware of the consequences of not controlling our reactions to stress. Majorities of the people are unaware of the several other negative aftereffects of stress such as emotional, cognitive and physical consequences and most importantly on family life. How numerous people ever look at the meaning of marriage? Marriage as an economic contract, for instance, has been around for ages, and in its pure form it has nothing to do with love or romance. Today, it is the elementary principle of civil marriage. However, Holy Matrimony is another matter completely it is fixed on the theory of a man and a woman giving themselves to each other for life in order to bring new life into the world: to have children and to create a family in which the children are raised to honor such values as faith, hope, and charity not to fear love. Marriage is an act of service, not a way to comfort your fear of void through a “relationship” with another person. When most people think of marriage, nonetheless, they think of love. Each person in a relationship anticipates the other to fill up the true void in his or her life. Finally, this is unrealizable, and so when there are problems, the discords are generally about one partner grumbling of not getting what he or she wants. In this situation, only one psychological solution can be likely. Anger, and coping with anger, can be a big problem for many persons especially married couples due to the problems they face in daily life. Part of the problem, though, is that most of these couples don’t comprehend the difference between feeling angry and getting angry. Anger is simply an emotion, and feeling angry simply means to experience that emotion. There’s nothing good or bad about having an emotion; emotions are simply a fact of life. Feeling angry is really no...

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