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Male And Female Ways Of Thinking

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Male and Female Ways of Thinking

It has long been thought that men and women have fundamental
difference in the way they think, but this was always considered to be
down to the hormones. Recently it has been discovered that although
the hormones do play a role in the behaviour and views of the
different sexes, the brain also plays a key role. It has been found
that there are many ways which the male brain varies from the female
brain. This challenges the equal rights and opportunities have long
been struggled for.

In the various studies that have been performed, many conclusions have
been drawn. Some have been suspected for some time. These include the
fact that men’s brains are about 10% larger than women’s. This doesn’t
seem to matter much, as men’s bodies are on average 8% larger than
women’s, but there is still a small size difference. However, the
major findings are in the purpose rather than the size. One of these
results is that women have many of the segments of their brains
connected together, while men’s are separated. This allows women to
multi-task, while men have much more specialized thinking. It is
thought this is why women tend to see things from various angles and
men are more straightforward. It is also thought that this is the
reason behind the higher numbers of ADHD, autism and dyslexia in men
and also why women can recover quicker after strokes, as their
activity can be transferred to other parts of the brain. However this
separation allows men to focus their attentions and not get distracted
by emotions, as women typically do. This is because women have to use
several parts of the brain to process a single thought.

Another difference that has been found is that men’s most dominant
sense is vision, specifically motion, while with women it depends on
the person. It’s also been found that women’s senses are more finely
tuned, and at a younger age can more easily differentiate between
colours and textures, and can memorize things more easily. This may be
from older times, when men had to be hunters and spot movement, while
women related more to cooking and learning the different tastes and
properties of a plant by its colour and feel. In the same way, women
develop language and reading skills younger, while men become better
at mechanical and spatial abilities. This is why traditionally women
have studied more emotive subjects such as English or drama and men
prefer to go for science or technology based subjects. . The overall
difference between men...

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