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Male Sexual Disorders And Their Casuses

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Thus far, we have studied Sexually Transmitted Diseases, various types of birth controls, and even rape. All of these topics can seriously affect the quality of sexual relations and relationships. It is important to recognize that there are many other things that can affect a person's sexual life and their relationships, one of these things being sexual disorders. I am going to focus specifically on how males are affected by these disorders, although women are affected just as much as men are.Sexual disorders are not life-threatening, horrible topics that involve major consequences and big decisions. But these disorders are usually very complex to understand and their causes are even harder to understand. However, there are treatments that can help people to deal with the barriers that stand before them and normal sexual functioning.Before you can understand sexual disorders, you must understand what causes them and how they can affect a person's life. There are four major groups of factors that can cause these disorders, and they include: organic factors, cultural influences, individual factors, and relationship factors.Organic factors are any physiological factors that can make a person's sexual response and functioning more vulnerable to disruption. Some of these factors could include chronic illness such as diabetes, which is a disease of the pancreas, arthritis, which is a disease of the joints that can cause pain and impaired mobility, and spinal-cord injury, which is any injury that has affected motor control or sensation and paralyzes a part or parts of the body. These factors can greatly reduce the ability of a partner to perform sexually because of reduced mobility, pain, or inability to maintain an erection. Illicit drugs can also create problems for men. Excessive use of marijuana can reduce testosterone levels and decreased sexual desire in men. Cocaine causes erectile disorders and reduces the ability of a man to achieve orgasm. There are many physical factors that can seriously affect the quality of sexual relationships with a partner, and those that can be avoided should. However, not all factors can be avoided. Sometimes people are involved in accidents or simply contract a disease or disorder. In these situations, a couple must be open and willing to try unusual ways of completing tasks so that no discomfort is felt by either partner. This could mean finding new coital positions, reducing the amount of movement during sex, and using other forms of sexual contact to reach orgasm. In any case, couples should communicate so that both partners are aware of each partner's abilities and inabilities.A person's culture influences how they live their everyday life. This can include sexuality and relationships. There are many aspects of a person's culture that could affect their sexual behaviors and ideas. Some of these might be negative childhood learning, which is any learned behavior or belief that is received as a child and carried...

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