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Male Vs Female Nursing Leadership Essay

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This study will be exploring the reason male nurses are apparently dominant in the leadership role than the female nurses. Leadership is an integrate part in every human organization as an important subject; it has continued to generate an immense amount of research, although the aspect of male nurse dominance in leadership role appears to be unexplored, the prevailing circumstances shows that healthcare organizations prefer the male nurse in administrative roles than the female nurses. The question that calls for answers are ;when it comes to leadership in the nursing profession, do female nurses differ significantly from male nurses, are there gender issues (such as strengths and weaknesses) when it comes to successful leadership in nursing? Who makes a better nurse leader male or female? Why do healthcare organizations prefer male nurse in administrative roles than the female nurses? Regardless of the style of leadership, the vital point is for the leader to be able to lead and the followers are able to follow in line with established rules, cultures and set goals. Daniel Levi argued that it is better to apply different leadership styles in different situation rather than an optimal leadership style; he opined that leaders are more important in some situation than orders (Daniel Levi, 2014). Often times leadership is automatically assigned with gender sensitivity mostly in favor of the male counterpart, even when the female may be as qualified or even more skillful than the man. Despite the fact that in some societies women's status has improved remarkably in the 20th century, however, in many societies women continue to lack access to power and leadership compared with men (Carli & Hagely, 2001).The ability of a leader to manage human and material resources effectively is a vital rallying point which contributes towards the success of any leader. This should be the main criteria in determining the effectiveness of a leader regardless of the gender, sexual orientation, tribe, tongue, religion, culture, social class or any other applicable variable. It is worthy of note that the issue of women and leadership style has continued to generate a lot of attention and thought provoking literatures, this issue is even more in the nursing profession where apparently male nurses being the minority group seems to be dominant in leadership role. According to Eagly,(2007) in the United States, women’s leadership skills have been recognized increasingly. She added that regardless that women exhibit leadership styles associated with effective performance more than men, more people prefer male than female bosses
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The history of nursing profession with Florence Nightingale pioneering automatically placed the female as leader. Regardless of the much impact made by Florence Nightingale towards the development and furtherance of nursing as a profession, the need for effective nurse leadership remains vital to the overall...

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