Boys’ Behaviour In An Elementary School Classroom

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This paper will look at boys’ behaviour in an elementary school classroom from an education professional standpoint. Specifically, how to modify the aggressive behaviour of boys who speak out of turn in class. It will look at the effect that behaviour specific praise has on aggressive behaviour. Multiple forms of differential reinforcement will also be examined in regards to how to transform a boy who acts out for attention into a boy who understands his behaviour is not necessary. Differences between girls and boys in an elementary school classroom will also be considered. Through this process teacher, child and the rest of the class will benefit. This paper will begin with ideas for general classroom management and then narrow down specific recommendations for individual cases.

Boys’ Behaviour In An Elementary School Classroom
“Simply targeting interventions at individual children in the classroom may not actually solve a classroom behaviour problem” (Parsonson, p.16). There are many different factors that come into play when looking at a child who is misbehaving. Young boys who act out in class do not always have an exact reason for their behaviour. It is ambiguous as to why exactly they are speaking up or acting out – the antecedent cues are not always clear. As a teacher, one must be aware of this, understand that there are numerous reasons behind a child, and seek to find out what works best for each individual child to alter the negative behaviour while encouraging an alternative behaviour. Behaviour specific praise and multiple forms of differential reinforcement may be used to break the habits of the child.
Case Study
This paper will include a fictional case study about a nine year old boy named Austin. Austin frequently acts out in his Grade Three class. His teacher, Ms. Walker, gets frustrated needing to constantly remind him of the rules, not to speak out in class without raising his hand, and to sit in his chair during class activities. The main behaviour issue that she would like Austin to work on is not speaking out in class. She would like him to raise his hand before he speaks. In Ms. Walker’s class, the students are encouraged to raise their hand anytime they have something to say, a question to ask, or a request for the teacher. Since the beginning of the school year, Austin has repeatedly disobeyed this rule. It is posted in the front of the classroom, and Ms. Walker consistently reminds Austin of this, but he forgets. He is not a typical ‘bad’ student. He does not do this simply for the fun of it – he actually forgets to raise his hand. He has a thought and immediately wants to act on that thought. He comes from a broken home: his father left the family when Austin was seven. His mother struggles while working two jobs. Austin goes to the before-and-after-school program the school offers. His mother is loving towards all four of her children, but Austin does occasionally get neglected. He has less than ideal self-esteem and...

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