Malevolent Upbringing Increases The Posibilities For Children To Become Criminals

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It is widely known that the upbringing of a child plays a large part in how they turn out as a teenager and also how they turn out as an adult. In fact, many parents like to expose their children to the music of Mozart and other classical composers and engage them in as many activities as possible in an effort to increase their chances of becoming successful and well off adults. However, this has the potential to go both ways, and when faced with a violent and often malevolent upbringing, the possibility of the child turning to criminal behaviour increases. Children are not born criminals, and the same way classical music is thought to influence children into being prosperous individuals, ...view middle of the document...

For nine months, a child is carried inside the womb of their mother. When they are born, they instantly search for the being that they made their home inside of. They seek love and comfort from their parent(s) and in many cases they receive it. But others are not so lucky. Statistically speaking, about six million children are victims of some form of child abuse every year, 81.2% of which are abused by someone in their families or someone they know. The Justice Study conducted in jails and prisons across the United States reported that approximately half of the incarcerated women were abused in some form, be it physically or sexually, while one tenth of the men also underwent some sort of sexual or physical abuse. The inmates reported that the abuse took place before their incarceration. In her book, Children Who Kill, Carol Ann Davis evaluated results from a recent study, proclaiming that out of 200 juveniles who had committed heinous crimes, over 90% of them experienced a traumatic event in their childhood with 74% of them being either physically or sexually abused. . With these statistics, it should come as no surprise that parents are an enormous influence on how the actions and behaviour of an easily influenced child develop. Not only may the child develop resentment towards their parents because of the abuse that they are forced to endure; they may also develop a sense of righteousness, believing that this type of behaviour is acceptable. Psychologist, Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory suggests that children are more likely to imitate those who are the same sex as them, as they look up to these people and believe that their actions set what is “expected” by that particular sex., In an effort to show case the effect of the SLT on children, Albert Bandura carried out the Bobo Doll Experiment. Bandura wanted to see if children between the ages of 3-6 years would not only imitate aggressive behavior but also if the gender of the model played a role in observational learning. Bandura divided up a group of children based off of their level of aggression. The levels of aggression were based off of previous research done on them, with comments from their teachers and parents. Some of the groups had models of the same gender as the children and the other groups had models of the opposite gender. The first group was placed in a room with a Bobo doll and they watched as the model hit, kicked, and beat the doll. The second group observed the opposite - a model playing with block toys in a non-aggressive fashion. The last group – serving as the control – was not exposed to anything, and were asked to sit in an empty room. Afterwards, each of the groups was put in a room similar to the ones where they had observed the model and were given a Bobo doll to play with. Bandura’s found that the children who observed the model beating up the doll acted more aggressive towards the one they were given, and that the children were more likely to...

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