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Every summer since I moved from California to Ohio I've gone back to California to surf and visit my family. This summer wasn't any different I left in early in August for a 3-week vacation. When I arrived at LAX airport I was picked up by my brother and drove to his house, which is 15 minutes away. As soon as I arrived at his house I showered, than started the 2-hour drive through traffic to my aunts house in Laguna Beach for a family party.After hearing that there was a strong south swell on its way to so cal I loaded up my boards and headed north to L.A, L.A. is only about 30 minutes from Malibu, where I grew up. Malibu also has a few of California's best surf spots. Malibu Point which maybe one of the most famous and crowded surf breaks during the day there is likely to be 100+ people out. There is also a beach called Little Dume which can be equally as good as Malibu but isn't as well know or as crowded as Malibu Point.The swell was expected to hit on Tuesday peak on Wednesday and be gone by Friday. I woke up early Tuesday morning and went to Little Dume expecting some sizable surf. I was disappointed. the swell hadn't arrived yet. I surfed for a few hours and went home. My brother was home from work, after I told him the swell was a little late he got this crazy idea that we should go surf Malibu point at night to avoid the crowds of people there during the day. We checked the tide and to position of the moon and decided to leave around 10pm.When we arrived it was easy enough to tell the swell had arrived by just the roaring sound of the waves. We walked down the beach waited for a...

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635 words - 3 pages with what she views as a hypocritical counterpoint. Thus, we are shown the hypocrisy of the "sanctimonious environmentalists who oppose ostentatious energy consumption (except for their air-conditioned Malibu mansions and Gulfstream jets and customs Escalades".While a Bush supporter may revel in Ms. Malkin's descriptions, as a Kerry supporter, I found this to be absurd, unfair, and offensive. These descriptions do not depict the voice of all

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697 words - 3 pages than a half mile of land, it feels like you have just traveled the world in 80 days, and have covered 25,000 miles. As my brother and I passed the luxury of Malibu, the scenery suddenly shifted as I moved south into the heart of Venice Beach. Right away, it seemed as if I had entered the set of MTV’s new show, Jersey Shore. Muscle Beach jumps out with men pumping iron just to the right of the path, it cannot be missed and the men make sure of it

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911 words - 4 pages dedicated surfers, and those that can afford to, will spend some of their time travelling the world trying to find their own perfect wave. Some of the lucky ones will actually find one. But now that we have all different types of boards peoples opinion of their perfect wave has changed to adapt to their type of board. As in the 60's a perfect wave was a point break like Malibu, but also today's people are surfing in all kinds of different places


775 words - 3 pages the vicinity of the embassy on that day. This was about 25% of the registered Soviet fleet. After a good 45 minute walk, we can categorically say that Soviets love Chevys.Chevys? Are we sure? Yes, over half of the cars parked with Soviet diplomatic tags proved to be Chevys. The Soviets seem to prefer the big models, or maybe all Chevys look big to us. Our Soviet sample preferred Malibu (24%), Celebrity (14%), and Impalas (8%). What else do they

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1010 words - 5 pages to safety above and beyond the basic safety requirements of Vehicle Safety Inspection programs. In that case, cue the Spanish music! La cucaracha! La cucaracha! Bring the Ford Fiesta out! The 2013-2014 Ford Fiesta is a top rated car all across the board and ranks as one of the year’s highest safety choices. Come back from Spain and head to Cali! The Chevy Malibu is widely desired for its premium materials and quiet ride. This cool car is an

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759 words - 4 pages woke up to my phone ringing. *New Message* Drake:-hey wyd?- Me:-nothing much just bored. Drake:-are you home? because I don’t see any lights on.- On that note my phone hit the floor and I ran outside, my hair was a mess and I wasn't ready for any company. The only thing that was running through my mind was how the hell did he get my address. I stood on my back porch and then I saw this Chevy Malibu drive in my yard. I walk to the car and

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864 words - 4 pages , adventure and fun factor. The remarkable Runyon Canyon and Bronson Canyon are among the most amazing hiking trails of the city whereas El Matador Beach, Malibu Surf rider Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Leo Carrillo State Beach, Venice Beach and many other places are among the places that are working as the magnet for travellers in LA. Festivals The star city of California shares a variety of festivals with travellers and one can enjoy many of the cultural

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2540 words - 10 pages , D.G. The Dream of Prospero. Oxford: Oxford U P, 1967. Jameson, Anna Brownell. "Miranda." Shakespeare's Heroines: Characteristics of Women, Morals, Poetical, and Historical. 1897. Rpt. in Shakespearean Criticism. Vol. 8. Literature Resource Center. Gale Group. Payson Lib., Malibu. 20 Feb. 2001. Johnson, W. Stacy. "The Genesis of Ariel." Shakespeare Quarterly. 11.3 (July 1951): 205-210. Rpt. in

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