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After having the survey and doing the paper the researchers conclude that poverty and health really do connect with each other. As for poverty, it is known to be both cause and effect for problems regarding health in a country. These two problems are always related, poor health increases due to poverty, most people live in slums, and when you say slums, of course it is a place with no proper cleanliness, and there is chaos in the place, and as expected the diseases, illnesses, hunger is common to a place like that. People that are poor are forced to live in place like those which is a factor of why they get sick.
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In times like this that malnutrition in vulnerable, everyone must know that causes and effects of this illness, for them to be able to know how to terminate and get rid of this problem. Malnutrition is a major problem but it could be cured.
Malnutrition is a serious health problem in the Philippines and over the years many children living in there are risk of malnutrition. The result of survey shows that there are big similarities of the answers of the respondents in the survey questionnaire. As the result of the survey questionnaire, parents with a malnourish child both agree that they cannot afford to buy the nutritious foods and vitamins that can help their child to be healthy.
They also agree that they cannot bring their child to the clinic when there are sick because they said that they do not have enough money to pay for the hospital bill and the prescribe medicine. They prefer using alternative medicine like herbal and “albularyo”. Aside from that they agree that the malnourish child had the potential to die early because of lack of nutritious food, vitamins and help from the government.
Moreover, many children do not have access to the food they need in order to grow and developed normally, which can leads to serious health problem’s malnutrition. These results show that malnutrition has a far more powerful impact on child...

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