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By definition malpractice is “the improper or negligent treatment of a patient, as by a physician, resulting in injury, damage, or loss.” (1) Malpractice can range from a physician disclosing patient information to a doctor using un-sterilized tools during surgery. There is constantly news about doctors and hospitals facing malpractice lawsuits and doctors loosing their practicing license because of a malpractice incident. I believe there is a certain extent that malpractice law should go in order to protect patients. There are probably so many malpractice lawsuits that were mistakenly filed, blaming the physicians for occurrences that were out of their control. Individuals are quick to want to get money from suing people that have big pockets. Indeed I do believe malpractice law should be there to protect the patient, but it needs to also watch out for wrongful claims or false allegations.

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This is the extent to where physicians should be protected. Physicians should not be in constant fear of being sued or fired for not giving the patient the best possible outcome every time. They should have some security in their work and should not feel like they could lose their job or money even if they follow every single rule in place. At the end of the day being a doctor is just like any other job: there are expectations to be met, they must try to work their hardest at all times, and there should be some extent to where human mistakes can be made. A waiter is not fired every time they mess up an order; they are allowed to make mistakes at times just as doctors should be.

Malpractice premiums have risen over the years and are now even becoming an issue in medical practice. (2) Physicians are paying vast amounts of money for medical insurance to avoid losing their jobs and money. I believe that up to twenty percent of a physician’s income is a reasonable amount to pay for malpractice insurance. It is a small enough amount to not make a doctor go broke from malpractice but large enough for the physician to be reprimanded if malpractice does occur and for the physician to take such lawsuits seriously. I believe that this amount of money is sufficient enough to compensate for the patient’s endeavors. I found that physician’s could even lose private assets in malpractice insurance. (3) I did not find anything on limits, both financial and criminal, of how much a physician can be penalized if found guilty of malpractice. Doctors can lose their money, their job, their license, and even respect as a professional. There is medical insurance that physicians can purchase to help them not lose any of the assets, that I stated earlier, for whom they may have. Note that having medical insurance does not guarantee safety. The topic of malpractice is one that is very complicated and has much need for reform in the future.

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