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Mama Charlotte Hill O'neal Essay

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When I first saw "Mama" Charlotte hill O'Neal I could tell this is going to be very interesting assignment, I just did not know how interesting and or inspiring. Being the wife of a former black panther, Peter O'Neal, she dealt with challenges that were not her own. She inherited Peter challenges and political dilemmas. However, her love for Peter, allowed her to look past these challenges and dilemmas. The love between Peter and Charlotte did not exist only between them, but it also spread throughout the communities in which they resided. They were able to embark on a journey together that has been known to touch the hearts and minds of people throughout the world.
1A. During the presentation of Charlotte O'Neal the word communities was used quite frequently. In fact, Charlotte's number one goal was to help heal troubled or challenged communities. Initially, Charlotte and Peter came face to face of the realities that existed outside of the United States of America when Peter put himself into exile to avoid alleged gun charges. These realities also could be considered culture shock but, regardless of how Peter and Charlotte looked at it, they felt that they could make the communities they experienced better.
When Peter and Charlotte finally arrived in Tanzania, this is where they started to have solid footing modifying villages to be more prosperous. Their ability to modify these villages made them become a popular option for support in the local area. However, their popularity did not just reside in Tanzania: it eventually spread throughout the world.
Their community center known as the United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC) is now world-renowned. It has tourist and students visiting throughout the year. Because of the legal issues with Peter, Charlotte must travel alone is going on her healing community tour with donations. Throughout the United States, she is spreading her knowledge and experience to drive awareness of her community in Tanzania that is set out to assist troubled African Americans here in the United States.
Charlotte has specifically reached out to communities here in the United States where African Americans are challenged with making unfavorable choices regarding violence and drugs. She is able to relate to these troubled young adults with her experience regarding Peter and the Black Panthers. Since she is able to relate very well with these troubled young adults, she is able to give them a different perspective on how life can be. Her hopes are that this new perspective will give these young adults the ambition to volunteer and inspire people to make a difference. Charlotte does not specifically say what type of difference she is trying to make but she just wants to mitigate troubled communities and put them on the mend to help foster positive lives.
1B. Charlotte's motivation to assist in Tanzania was fueled by the life that she was used to having here in the United States. She of love for Peter has forced...

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