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Man And God In Frankenstein And Jurassic Park

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Man and God in Frankenstein and Jurassic Park

Not since Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, has an author captured such a theme in their work in a way that is magical and captivates the reader.  Michael Crichton's science fiction novel Jurassic Park  portrays what happens when man plays God: his imperfections cause things to go terribly wrong.  The story's, plot, setting, point of view and characterization all add to an atmosphere of fear and raise readers' consciousness about the consequences of doing so.

Jurassic Park is dealing with a very sensitive issue that involves every person on the planet because everybody has genes.  It deals with genetic engineering and the repercussions of the actions that scientists take.  There are a lot of unanswered questions that deal with the ethics and morals of the study of genetics. In this situation Robertson Davies appropriately says that, ìMen of action, I notice, are rarely humble, even in situations where action of any kind is a great mistake, and masterly inaction is called for (Kuchling), which is exactly what happened in Jurassic Park.

Starting with the plot one can start to see how it adds to an atmosphere of fear that makes the reader aware of the point that Crichton is trying to make. The plot of Jurassic Park begins in the middle of things and it does not follow the tradition plot line.   It seems to climb steps through the implementation of different crisis and complications in the plot instead of having one smooth rising action.  The story keeps building to this high intensity and does not climax until the very end.  This adds to the fear because it creates suspense because the events just keep building on one another.

The setting also adds to the element of fear.  Most of the story takes place on an exotic faraway island which adds an atmosphere of elusiveness and mystery.  But the story opens in a hospital and then the setting jumps to the island which adds to the mystery of the story.  The arrangements for the dinosaurs as far a safety precautions go are also described in the setting.  All these things again add to the atmosphere of the story. 

The point of view also adds to the atmosphere.  Crichton has written this book with an omniscient point of view in order to enable the reader to view the entire situation of the island. ...

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