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Man Causes The Destruction Of The Human Race: "I Am Legend" And "Z For Zachariah"

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The film ‘I Am Legend’ and the novel ‘Z For Zachariah’ were chosen to be studied together for my connected text assignment. Originally I chose the film because I enjoyed it; I then matched it to a text based on similarities in theme. Both ‘I Am Legend’ and ‘Z For Zachariah’ are based on the same theme; that of man as the cause of the destruction of the human race. While the settings and characters are vastly different; as is the cause of destruction, both the main characters are faced with tough decisions that must be made in order to survive a major man made disaster. Both characters must deal with the enormity of the notion that they could be one of the last humans alive on earth.

The movie ‘I am legend’ revolves around a heavily built colonel in the United States Army, Robert Neville; who was stationed in New York City. As well as being involved in the US Army, Robert was a scientist who was married and had a young daughter. He was in charge of the evacuation of New York City as a result of the outbreak of the airborne Krippin Virus. During the evacuation his family was killed in a helicopter accident. As New York City was within Robert’s jurisdiction; he felt it was solely his responsibility to set things straight. QUOTES

In contrast to the powerful Robert Neville is the young and innocent, 16 year old Ann Burden. She too suffers from the reality that she may be the only person left alive on the face of the earth. Unlike Robert who lives in the city, Ann lives out on a small farm property in the countryside of America; which is a short distance from the local town, Ogdentown. It was to this town her family ventured in search of life and supplies, but never returned. Luckily Ann is self-sufficient and is able to run her family’s’ farm; bringing in fresh produce which is at her disposal on the farm. Ann has a strong will and is desperate to survive these tough times, although deep down she feels it is truly hopeless. QUOTES
Robert Neville’s, character in ‘I Am Legend’ is faced with a situation beyond the scopes of your everyday person’s imagination. He is living in the heart of New York City which is radiating the deadly Krippin Virus. The Krippin Virus was Dr Alice Krippin’s cure to cancer through viral mutilation of the Measles Virus. Initially the virus could only be contracted through direct contact, but later became airborne. Those who were not killed by this deadly virus evolved into the dreaded Darkseekers. A Darkseeker is a super-human, zombie-like being who feeds on all that is living. These creatures can only come out at night as their skin is sensitive to the sun’s UV radiation. They have a very keen sense of smell; and anything they bite will either become infected or killed. The very nature of these creatures resulted in them becoming one of the greatest threats to Robert’s ongoing survival. Robert believed himself to be the only person left alive. He survived because he was the only person who was completely immune to the...

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