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Man Made Global Warming, True? Essay

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Imagine a polar bear floating on an iceberg in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the hopelessness it feels. What if their is a severe shortage of water and life on earth could not go on as it is now? What would most people do if it was caused by humans? According to some people they say that people are the cause of such horror-filled scenes, but others say that the earth is in a natural cycle of warming which cause these tragic events to become possible. Although most scientists agree global warming is happening they cannot determine if is man mad or or a natural occurrence.
The strongest arguments for man made global warming come from scientific theories. One such theory is that if solar energy was to blame for the increase in temperatures than the at-mosphere would be warming from top to bottom, not from the bottom to the top (Begley and Murr 3). If the atmosphere is trapping heat, then it would make sense that the heating would be exponentially increased in concentration the closer you get to earth’s surface. Recently the Exx-onMobil CEO has confirmed his belief in man made global warming (“Belief” 1). Oil companies are notorious for rejecting such a theory that would cause people to leave their dependence on oil and oil products in the dust and provides a strong ally in the fight for emission control.
However, these theories do not come without opposition, many people are convinced that global warming is nothing more than a scam. A strong argument against global warming is that the argument keeps changing, at the beginning it was just warmer weather, but now it has evolved to include all types of unseasonal weather (Johnson 2). If everybody could change what they said the world would have no accountability. Another argument to stop the panic of global warming is that it wastes governments resources on something frivolous that otherwise could be used to help imminent threats (Leyland 1). If we can defeat the main causes of human deaths today, than we can move on to defeat a threat that will take years to affect life on earth. A flaw, that some point out, in the declaring of global warming is that very few scientist, specifically me-teorologists, were used in the voting process to decide the fate of if climate change is real or not (Singer 2). Gravity was not determined by a raise of hands, it has evidence to support it.
Although both sides seem far apart to the casual observer, both sides are actually close in what they are trying to accomplish. Most people agree global warming is happening and will continue to happen to some degree even if measures are taken to prevent it from growing. Both sides agree are in agreement that money is important and are trying to figure...

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