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Man Of Steel: The Dichotomy Of Superman’s Character

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In the film Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder produces an alternative interpretation of the famous superman film, as this version more heavily focuses on the early stages of Superman and his journey on Earth at a young age. Original or traditional settings of him in films are typically set during his reporter employment in the later years in Metropolis. Man of Steel retells the superman myth from the very beginning giving compressed exposition about Krypton, along with the expected outcome of baby Superman (a.k.a. Clark Kent or Kal-El) been sent to earth, with him acquiring his super powers throughout his younger years (Grossman 50). His development of powers included the abilities of flight, strength, heat vision, speed, and even durability. Despite Superman having all these various types of physical abilities, it will be the dichotomy of his character between being the superman hero and the mild-mannered everyday man that will make him exceedingly amazing and admirable to the public, as compared to the average hero. The personal qualities of him being self-controlling, highly moral and responsible will be the qualities that give the audience a sense of his marvelous character.
Firstly, through Clark Kent’s development of his self-controlling quality, he is able to balance the utilization of his super powers with his human identity and emotions. As Clark Kent is growing up, he consistently struggles with his emerging powers in his younger years, as many of his fellow peers would pick on him as they saw him as an outsider that did not belong. Eventually he obtained the ability to have self control over his powers despite his angered emotions, in which resulted in him developing a stronger mindset. The division of having a normal human childhood with the presence of the powers was a challenge in some cases, in which he faced issues on whether to preserve the lives of others or to prevent his true identity from being revealed. His father had headed out into the backyard to talk to Clark after he had exposed himself by saving the lives of the children in the school bus, in which he tells Clark, “you have to keep this side of yourself a secret”, as Clark replies “What was I suppose to do, let them die?” (Man of Steel). When contrasting this scene with a later scene of Clark being bullied by other boys that knew him (MOS), we know that he has acquired a sense of self control through the clenching of the fence bars with his hands. Instead of taking his anger out on the boys and causing his abilities to be freed, he is able to hold his emotions without letting go of any of his powers and directing his anger onto the steel fence bars. Through the ascendancy of his powers, we get a sense of a greater human than humanity themselves, as the audience has full knowledge of his abilities at this point in the film, as it affords the audience a sense of relief, hope and urge for Clark to follow through in controlling his emotions. For...

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