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Man Of Importance: Marco Polo Essay

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Marco Polo was an explorer and merchant born in Venice in the year of 1252. He accomplished many things before his death in 1324. He set out on a journey that made its way all the way to Chandu in Asia, North of the Great Wall. He became the best known explorer of the middle ages after documenting his journey in a book titled Divisament dou Monde, or in English, The Travels of Marco Polo. His travels inspired the voyage that lead to the discovery of the New World, and Marco's journey enriched the Italian society greatly. With the things accomplished by this man are of great importance and should never be forgotten.Marco Polo's journey to China, where he stayed for seventeen years, held great value. Here he joined the service of the great Kublai Khan and for three years governed the Chinese town, Yangchow. He also took part in missions to the Yunnan and Indonchina, and he was also assigned the task of going along with a Mongol princess to Persia where she was to marry Arghun Khan, the ruler of the country. From there, Marco went on to explore further and headed south. He arrived at Peking but still continued his travels across the country.In Marco Polo's book of which copies are still being sold today, he tells tales of his journey and what he encountered during the time. This book was the basis of information Europe had on the East up until the late 19th century. Although he has never been to the country, in his book, Marco describes Japan as a land of wealth, gold and pearls. During his return home to Venice, Marco takes a route through India. He also includes this country in his book, and describes it...

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