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Man's Best Friend Essay

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Man’s Best Friend
One of the most hotly debated topics between pet owners has been the differences between cats and dogs. This is because each of these pets offers its own unique qualities that millions of people love. As someone who has owned both cats and dogs for many years, I appreciate many of the different qualities of these two animals. Both exhibit their own unique qualities that people need to take into account when choosing between them; however, I believe dogs are the better pet because they are more sociable, smarter, and more loyal to their owners.
The first reason dogs are more superior than cats is because the dog is a more sociable animal. A dog’s natural tendency is to be a part of a pack, leading a social, outgoing life. Every day that I come home from a hard day at college I know that my dog will be at the door ready to welcome me with affection. Dogs have been bred over time to assist people with hunting and other tasks. This causes dogs to be closer with the humans around them whom the dog views as a safe source for shelter and food.
Cats are just the opposite when it comes to being social with humans. It’s true that a cat will be affectionate with people, but that usually means that cats will only come to people when the feline wants something that the owner has to offer. Like any animal, cats mostly want food, so owners will have to endure long stretches in between meal times when their cat want nothing to do with them. Rarely a cat will approach people wanting to play, and I can never recall a cat dropping a ball at my feet begging to play a game of catch. One cat that I had in the past, I tried to play with by throwing a jingling ball with a bell inside of it, but she would just give me a look that I translated as I must be some kind of fool if I thought she was going to actually do something with that ball. Cats by nature are solitary animals that prefer being left alone so that they may hunt on their own.
I enjoy taking my dog to Indian Steele Park where they have a dog section for the dogs to play with each other without having to wear their leashes. He seems to really enjoy this experience as much as or more than I do. He will nearly pull my arm off begging to get inside the fence with the other dogs that seem to anxiously wait for him to come inside and play with them. As soon as I get him in the last gate and take off his leash and open that gate, he’ll shoot off like a rocket ignited into space and go running off with the other dogs. I would never be able to do anything social like that with cats I’ve had in the past. The cat would get into a major cat-fight with the others and later I’d probably get my face chewed-off for committing such an egregious error. One of their greatest qualities is that dogs just want to please people.
A second reason dogs are better than cats is that they are smarter. Dogs can be trained easily by showing them affection and rewarding the appropriate action. Cats, on the other hand,...

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