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Man's Common Enemy: A Guide To Surviving High School

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The antagonist of mankind is not, as some scholars would argue, ignorance. Nor is it oppression, failure, or rejection-- but, rather a combination of all four, frighteningly meshed into the inevitable agony that we call high school. It is inevitable because all American citizens must face this diabolism at some point in their lives, regardless of intelligence, economy, or social station. Thus, high school is the common enemy of every man. There is hope, however. If one can master certain skills under the four basic categories-- mental, physical, ethical, and social-- he can enter high school a little more prepared than his peers and stand a fighting chance in the battle for survival.
Undeniably most important to surviving high school are mental skills. These are tools that allow one to act quickly and stay one step ahead of the enemy. For instance, it is crucial that students know not only the answers to questions, but also how to make up a seemingly rational answer on the fly and sufficiently explain their reasoning (however false it may be) should a teacher suddenly call on them. The key in these situations is to expect the unexpected. Beyond a quick mind, students must possess a keen insightfulness. They must choose the optimum seating in the classroom, according to the order the teacher collects assignments or the amount which they want to be called upon during class. They must judge which homework is safe to skip and which will most likely be taken up and graded. And, most importantly, they must determine when to pass up on the mystery meat in the cafeteria.
Of course, almost as essential as mental aptitude are physical abilities. One must possess the brawn to heft heavy bookbags across the school without breaking his back and the prowess to weave through the hoards of people crowding the hallways. Possibly the most strenuous and...

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