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“To see someone’s legs tied, suspended upside down while their feet are beaten has a disturbing effect. Even the sound I shall never forget, not just the screaming but also the swash of the hose coming down on their body” (Conditions of detention”). In many countries, “prisoners suffer violations of their human rights through harsh treatment and conditions” (Conditions of detention”). The conditions involve cruel treatment of the prisoners and isolation for over 20 years. In accordance with Golding, the inhumane treatment and the harsh conditions enforced on the prisoners of California show the savageness of the human nature and its flaws that lead to the deficiency in a society.
While the prisoners are getting ready for their jail life, the prison authorities were also starting to program the procedures of the torture they were going to enforce on the powerless prisoners. The prisoners were treated with harsh conditions that are considered to be intolerable with the concept of human dignity. People who were on the verge of getting out of prison chose to die rather than stay a few more days and get tortured by this beasts “No one wants to die…yet under this current system of what amounts to intense torture, what choice do we have?” (Cline). Another such statement leaked to the reporters led to the consideration of the innate inhumane nature of the men “The cell was about 12 square yards... At night everyone had to lie on their sides, as there was not enough room to lie on your back. To use the toilet at night you had to wake the people up sleeping in the toilet. The two toilets were just holes in the floor and whatever function you did in the toilet, the whole cell could see you” (“Conditions of detention”). These conditions enforced on the prisoners not only display the inborn cruel nature of the men but also reveals the sadistic nature of the human hearts, which take pleasure in the suffering of others.
The prisoners were also treated with harsh and intolerable conditions such as solitary confinement and isolation “they were kept in solitary confinement 22 hours a day and were separated from their fellow prisoners” (“California Prisoners Join Hunger Strike”). According to Palta, “the strike was about the unfair mass segregation of prisoners into the Secure Housing Units (SHUs). In their statement released to the media, the inmates leading the strike refer to the treatment in the SHUs as ‘State-Sanctioned torture’”. The prisoners were locked in a cell that was about 12 square yards, which results in the “lack of sanitation and poor hygiene” (“Conditions of Detention”). That also meant that the prisoners had a little hope of staying healthy. Some of the inmates have been held in isolation for over 20 years. This shows how deeply the...

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