Man’s Two Natures, Human And Divine By: Omraam Mikheal Aivanhov

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Man's Two Natures, Human and Divine By: Omraam Mikheal Aivanhov This book introduces two natures within a human being, the higher and the lower. People think that they do everything right but when in fact they are doing the exact opposite of their higher nature. On the other hand, some people do everything in their power to do what their higher nature would do to over power their human nature. Human nature is basically a stem from animal instincts. It is those instincts that we must learn to control, although it is not easily done. So we must learn how use our higher nature so we are not selfish all of the time. The Personality (lower nature) and the Individuality (Higher Nature) both able humans to think, feel, and act but in opposite directions. The Individuality is closer to the Spirit and is always trying to influence the personality towards the good. It is hard though because the personality wants to be free and do want it wants to make itself happy. According to Aivanhov we must try to become united with our individuality and deplete the personality so we can become closer to God. It is hard to do this because people think they "want" (money), they "feel" (sick) or they "have" (a craving), what they do not realize is that it is the personality who wants, feels, and has to have. So in order to realize whom your true self is you must analyze your true self. Once a person begins to analyze themselves through meditation they will learn the truth, that one Being controls everyone. The personality dominates the body. It always gets what it wants, but it is never satisfied so that is why people keep feeding its wants and desires. To control the personality is very hard, but if we take a moment before we react to a situation maybe we can think things through to see if this is what the personality wants. And see if so we can take a different route and go with our individuality and do the right thing. Our individuality is like the sun. The sun provides for us; gives us warmth, light, growth. This is what out individuality wants to do for us. Let us be generous and providing for everyone. So we must learn to give as the sun gives and learn its generosity it provides for us each and every day when the sun rises so we can do the same for others. The personality consists of three bodies, the Mental Body, Astral Body, and the Physical Body. These three bodies control us and prompt us to do things with out thinking about them. The individuality also consists of three bodies on the higher plane, the Atmic Body, Buddhic Body, and the Causal Body. Once the individuality is allowed to enter the body these two trinities form into one. Accepting...

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