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Man, State And War Essay

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Review Man, State and War If the study of international relations has a central focus, this one is the problem of war. Kenneth Waltz, examines the ideas of major thinkers throughout history of western civilization, and explores the works of both classic and political philosophers such as St. Agustine, Hobbes, Kant, and Rousseau, and modern physiologist and anthropologist to discover ideas intended to explain war among states and related perspectives for peace. In his analysis into views of classical political theory on the nature and causes of war, Professor Waltz follows three principal themes or images: war as a consequence of nature behavior of man, as an outcome of their internal organization of states, and as a product of the structure of the international system. Indeed, throughout his final argument, Waltz describes as a final explanation, that the causes of war not depend either on the irrationality of man or the defects of state but on the state system. However, it is according to Morgenthau that the struggle for power arises simply because men want things(interests), not because there is some evil or oppression of the system for their desires. Thus, the quest for national power to the protection of a state rights inevitably in the question of war.One of man's fundamental problems is to live in peace with his fellow men. He cannot live alone. Yet, in coexistence with others, conflicts inevitably arise. It is therefore characteristic of individuals, alone or organized in groups to seek power for the satisfaction of their interests. This characteristic leads to an external state of war; men organized themselves to extract the greatest benefit from cooperation and to reduce as much as possible conflict and strife. The social organization of the state is intended to provide adequate means for peaceful adjustment of conflicts and to obviate the need for individual violence. Therefore, even when the mean is inadequate, the state simply does not permit violence-except as a matter of self-defense. The individual's personal accumulation of power of limited to most kinds of power especially of physical force. As compensation the state guarantees, as a minimum, the physical integrity and survival of participants in a conflict. This arrangement rests upon a habitual way of life and mental attitudes of the citizens indicating the existence of a community. The more complete the integration with the community, the more successful.In the international society, the association of states is basically different. Relations between states are organized by practices and international organizations promoting and regularizing the satisfaction of national interests. However, the society of states lacks an organized authority to ensure with the legitimate power to guarantee the integrity and survival of each state, which is in turn an indication of absence of cay sense of solidarity among the peoples in the world. Every state is the guardian of all its own...

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