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Man Thinking Essay

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Man-Thinking Project Many things are banned in society. Society bans things that help people, like in Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 people are banned from reading books that help them think and open up their imaginations. In Orwell's Animal Farm Jones bans the animals from being free. In Rand's Anthem freedom to be what you want to be is banned. Sometimes society does not ban something sometimes a person is banned from moving like in Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun. When things are banned in society, the individual can not use their intellect to the fullest because they are not allowed to think for themselves.In George Orwell's Animal Farm, there is no Orwell figure, a character that experiences awareness, rejection, and flight (348). There is no single figure trying to escape from society at the farm. Snowball is a character that gets banned from society, but he does not try to run from it. Jones feared, in the beginning of the novel, that if the animals became aware of their strength that the humans would have no control over them (348). The animals that are considered more equal than all others living on the animal farm are the pigs (348). The pigs eventually turn a society that was free into a society that is banned from thinking for themselves, just like in the days when Jones ruled.In Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451, the setting is the future where Guy Montag is a fireman who burns books and discourages the citizens from thinking about anything except four-wall television (41). The people are banned from even having the books in their homes. A society like this, where everyone conforms, will bring its destruction (41). Beatty and Faber are the two poles where Montag must find his identity (41). Montag begins trying to let others keep the books because he meets a lady that fights so hard for the books he thinks that they must be good for the people if someone would fight that hard for them. Beatty is not a formidable opposition for Montag; he does not strike fear into the reader (41). If man was allowed to do whatever he wanted there would be chaos, and that is what Beatty tries to prevent by burning the books in Fahrenheit 451, but he makes chaos in the process of preventing it because eventually no one will be able to think for themselves.In Ayn Rand's novel Anthem, the moderate realist tradition is shown through Equality-72521 (68). The free market is not paternalistic so it allows for the achievement of excellence (68). Even the stone that was rejected could be the head of the corner, is like the idea of Equality-72521 because it was rejected by the scholars (69). The reason it was rejected is because Equality-72521 is banned from thinking because he was not a scholar he was chosen to be a street sweeper. Universal concepts go along with many concepts of this novel because concepts are universal (67).In Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay The American Scholar, combines three...

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