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Manage Business Operations (Case Study Improve The Operation Management Of An Online Grocery).

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TABLE OF CONTENTSEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3INTRODUCTION 4PURPOSE OF THE REPORT 4A. BUSINESS STRATEGY 5I. Mission Statement 5II. Value 5III. Environmental scanning 5IV. Core competencies 7B. OPERATION MANAGEMENT 8I. COMPETITIVE PRIORITIES 81. Quality 82. Time 83. Flexibility 9II. PRODUCTIVITY AND COMPETIVENESS 10III. TECHNOLOGY DECISIONS 111. Information Technology (IT) 112. Radio frequency identification (RFID) 11IV. DIFFERING SERVICE DESIGNS 12High customer attention approach 12V. SUPPLY CHAIN 151. Definition 152. Supply chain of FreshNow 153. Break-even analysis 164. The Bullwhip Effect 175. Vertical integration 186. Developing supplier relationships 207. How many suppliers? 208. Developing partnerships 219. Role of distribution warehouse 2210. Current trends in supply chain management 23VI. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT 251. Definition 252. Dimensions of Quality for FreshNow 25VII. JUST IN TIME (JIT) SYSTEMS 271. Elimination of waste 272. Reduce or eliminate setup times: 283. Reduce lead times 284. Flexible work force: 285. Require supplier quality assurance and implement a zero defects quality programme 28VIII. SCHEDULING FOR FRESHNOW 291. Delayed services 292. Scheduling employees: 29CON CLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS 31BIBLIOGRAPHY 32EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe following fields will be covered in this report:Some generalisations of FreshNow company (its mission; environmental scanning; core competencies; business strategy) which will provide information about FreshNow as well as its trend in future.FreshNow operation management which contains information about its current operation management situation and operation strategy to improve the business. Include these parts:- FreshNow's competitive priorities- Technology that FreshNow is applying for its systems- How FreshNow designs its service differently- Its supply chain- The total quality management in FreshNow company- How Just-In-Time system can be applied to its operation system.The conclusion will summarise the main points of this report.INTRODUCTIONToday companies are competing in a very different environment from they were only a few years ago. They have to improve themselves in all aspects of their companies to ensure the success of their business. And operations management is one of the most important function which contributes to the success of companies if it is considered one of the competitive of companies.Understand the importance of operation management, FreshNow has paid more attention to all aspects of its operation management to ensure the improvement of its business. How to improve the operation management in the business? The answer for this question will be found in the parts below.PURPOSE OF THE REPORTThis report is to show FreshNow current operation management system as well as its future operational strategy and how this strategy intends to be done to adapt the changes of environment to ensure the consistent improvement in future.A. BUSINESS STRATEGYI. Mission StatementOur mission is to be...

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