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Management: Planning Objectives Essay

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There are basic steps that can help managers in their planning. Allen (2013) describes these steps. First management must set objectives. Create both short and long term targets. During this phase the operating and middle management set their attention to personal, departments and divisions. The objectives are obtained come from the mission statement which describes their mission and values. They also come from other factors, like the standing planning, strategic planning and goals, resources, environmental conditions, ethics, and experience.
The second step would be to analyze and evaluate the environment. During this phase managers analyze where the company is, the environments and what resources that are available. Managers need to consider what other factors may arise that might cause issues. Management needs to evaluate all possible actions and the potential outcome of each action. When doing this it is important to consider the internal and external factors that could affect each action.
The third step would be to identify any alternatives. Make a list with all the different actions that will get the company to their goal. Getting different managers with experience together to brainstorm as many different ways as possible is one way to accomplish this.
The fourth step would be to evaluate those alternatives. Consider the advantages and the disadvantages of each alternative action make a list of these. When the list is done go back to the second step. Going back to the second step will help ensure that each alternative is a viable alternative. There are different things that a manager needs to know along with the financial aspect. Things to know are; What are the time frames and resources needed for each alternative. Write down cost, and benefit of each alternative. Before picking which plan to put into action, the management must determine all effects.
The fifth step would be to select the best course of action that provides the most benefit with the least disadvantage. Step four should show you which action is the best. The one with the most advantages and the least disadvantages would be the one to shot for. If there isn’t one option that stands out then pick a couple then the rest of the alternatives can be considered back up plans.
The sixth step to start putting the plan into action. Figure out who will need to be part of the team and what resources it will require. Decide on what reporting method will be used and how will the plan be evaluated. Part of this would be knowing what employee will be doing what job. Know when the task will be stated, and a projected finish date. Set a goal of how much resource to delegate for the task.
The final step would be to controlling and evaluating the results. A manager must ensure that the plan is developing as they hoped and make any needed adjustment if it is not where it is supposed to be. The possibility of environmental issues or problems with staff implementing the plan...

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