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The New Zealand Police And The Mistakes They Have Made In The Past Few Years

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The New Zealand Police force has been in the public spotlight since 2004, where there have been many enquiries into the way they do things and acquisition raised against them. Peter Marshall came in as the Commissioner of New Zealand Police in 2011 and from there has faced a “massive clean-up of the force” (Bridgman, 2011). This essay will consist of an analysis of the New Zealand Police and the errors that they have faced over the past few years. To do this analysis I will be using two articles to analyse the errors, the first being written by Kotter & Schlesinger which is about choosing successful strategies for changes within an organisation (Kotter & Schlesinger, 2008) and the second written by Kotter titled – Leading Change; why transformational efforts fail, which has a set of eight steps that have been identified to ensure that the transformation within an organisation is successful and if followed in the correct order will create success (Kotter, 2007). An analysis will be made on the sense of urgency, creating a strong guiding coalition and the overall communication along with some recommendations to Peter Marshall regarding the changes that will be enforced at the New Zealand Police.

The New Zealand Police force is made up of more than 11,000 staff members with 400 stations spread from the far North Island right down to the lower South Island. They are “the lead agency responsible for reducing crime and enhancing community safety in New Zealand” (Bridgman, 2011). Marshall was always going to be faced with an uphill battle in changing the culture of the Police from the moment he was appointed Commissioner. Upon arrival he was put in the public spot light by Minister Judith Collins who was publically demanding that he make the changes that were outlined in the Commission of Inquiry and on the other hand he had the Police union arguing that the police culture is fine at that there is no need for change. His first task was to take on board the recommendations that were outlined in the Commission of Inquiry report and implement these changes. But Marshall had little time to plan out how he was going to go about this. For starters he needs to look at the problems that arose from the implementation when it last took place and use these to his advantage when making decisions regarding the culture change at the Police, using the two articles previously mentioned in the introduction about strategies for change (Kotter & Schlesinger, 2008) and the eight steps to ensure a successful transition when changes needs to be made (Kotter, 2007). The main errors that have been faced in the Police’s expedition to change their culture are analysed below:

When making changes these must be explained to the party that it will be implemented into this was not the case at the Police, the changes that were going to be made, were not explained to everyone, partially because the width of the force spread over the country. (Bridgman, 2011). The lack of...

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