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Management Accounting And Business Decision Making

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MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS DECISION MAKING - ASSIGNMENT 2NAME: AlexGROUP NUMBER: BLEVEL: IntermediateHAND IN DATE: 13/01/2006Task 1Objectives: 1. To be able to demonstrate the ability to critically analyse given data using ratio analysis techniques.Profitability1. Return on ordinary shareholders' funds= ROSFROSF= Net profit after taxation and preference dividendOrdinary share capital plus reserves2004= 1,123* 100 = 3.91%28,7242005= 1,655 * 100 = 5.59%29,6322. Return on capital employed= ROCEROCE= Net profit before interest and taxation *100Share capital+ Reserves + Long-term loans2004= 1,701 *100 =5.92%28,7242005= 2,534 *100 = 8.55%29,6323. Net profit margin= Net profit before interest and taxation *100Sales2004= 1,701 *100 =14.58%11,6592005= 2,534 *100 = 12.37%20,4794. Gross profit margin= Gross profit *100Sales2004= 2,426 *100 = 20.81%11,6592005= 3,192 *100 =15.59%20,479EfficiencyAverage stock (inventory) turnover period= Stock held * 365Cost of sales2004= 2,904 *365 days = 114.8 days9,2332005= 4,406 *365 days = 93 days17,287Average settlement period for debtors= Trade debtors *365Credit sales revenue2004= 1,482 * 365 days = 46.4days11,6592005= 3,793 *365 days =67.6 days20,479Average settlement period for creditors= Trade creditors *365Credit purchases2004= 1,157 * 365 days = 45.7 days9,2332005= 1,976 * 365 days = 41.7 days17,287Sales revenue to capital employed ratio= SRCESRCE= Sales revenueShare capital+ reserves+ Non-current liabilities2004= 11,659 = 0.41 times28,7242005= 20,479 = 0.69 times29,632Liquidity1. Current Ratio= Current assetsCurrent liabilities2004= 5,247 = 0.76:16,8702005= 8,203 = 0.64:112,7302. Acid test ratio= Current assets (excluding stock)Current liabilities2004= 5,247 - 2,903 = 0.34:16,8702005= 8,203 - 4,406 =0.3:112,7303. Cash generated from operations to maturing obligations= CGOMOCGOMO= Cash generated from operationsCurrent liabilities2004= 4,852 = 0.7 times6,8702005= 1,376 = 0.1 times12,730Gearing1. Gearing ratio= Long term( non -current )liabilities *100Share capital + reserves + long term (non-current) liabilities2004= 0 * 100 = 0%29,632 + 02005= 0 *100 = 0%28,724 + 02. Interest cover ratio= Profit before interest and taxationInterest payable2004= 1,701 =17.54 times972005= 2,534 = 17.85 times142Investment ratios1. Dividend payout ratio= Dividends announced for the year *100Earnings for the year available for dividends2004= 668 *100 =59.48%1,1232005= 779 *100 = 47.07%1,6552. Price/earnings (P/E) ratio= Market value per shareEarnings per share2004= 93.75 = 20.42 times4.592005= 198 = 29.29 times6.76Objectives: 2To be able to write a good report from the perspectives set out in the case study and to make positive recommendations in both instances.Introduction:Ratio analysis is an excellent method for determining the overall financial condition of your small business. It puts the information from a financial statement into perspective, helping to spot financial patterns that may threaten the health of your...


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3996 words - 16 pages of treatment of goodwill. As also mentioned by Seetharaman (n/a), that back in 1973 the International Accounting Standards Committee was founded. The goals are to harmonize / uniform the accounting regulation, standards, and procedures that often contradicts / differs from one regulation of a country to another.Seetharaman (n/a) believes that the International Accounting Standard 22 (IAS 22) Accounting for Business Combinations (International

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1099 words - 4 pages Version 1.1. Irvington, NY: FlatWorld Knowledge, Inc. Corporate Executive Board. (2011, December). Preventing 'Analysis Paralysis'. Retrieved from Bloomberg Businessweek: Hammond, J. S., Keeney, R. L., & Raiffa, H. (1998). The Hidden Traps in Decision Making. Harvard Business Review, 76(5), 47-58. Walker, J. (2009). Accounting in a Nutshell: Accounting for the Non-specialist. Amsterdam: Elsevier/CIMA.

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2188 words - 9 pages pension accounting have improved investor decision making and benefited other stakeholders. To illustrate this, we will first explain pensions plans in greater detail and secondly, we will discuss various recent and near future expected changes to pension accounting in the Canada, in particular Section 4600 in Part IV of the CICA Handbook and International Accounting Standards (IAS) 19. These changes will be explored specifically in the context

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4153 words - 17 pages , erroneous in decision making and possibly will cause bad labor relations.Apparently, there are a few essential items missing in this particular performance statement that would have given the management an in-depth view of the efficiency of the restaurant manager. The items included in the budgetary were too brief and most balance sheet items were not included as well. Therefore, it is difficult for Ceria Holidays to actually detect and identify

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1498 words - 6 pages an organized system in the business. Small business owners do not just commit to store records just to convince themselves that they keep records. They are essential for decision making and a thorough analysis of these documents displays favorable success in business when holding transactions. Graph 9. Accounting Tools as a Basis for Economic Decisions All of the 20 respondents believed that having a system for keeping records of business


3380 words - 14 pages stewardship accounting, management control, planning and decision making.There two main costs in Tamin's business; fixed costs and variable costs. The combination of fixed costs and variable costs will derive the production total cost. The total cost equation is TC = TFC + (UVC x χ). Fixed costs are those costs that do not vary at all with volume, or independent of the current level of activity and not expected to change in the short term

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4688 words - 19 pages ; Werhane, 2002b; Heath, 2008; Werhane and Dunham, 2002; Mehalik and Gorman, 2006). So the business leaders who are making decisions should have moral awareness to the fact their decision will affect their stake holders. The role of management depicts that, the mental model of the people were that there is no return on investment and no one is willing to invest money where there are less chances of pay back of money. But moral imagination

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1926 words - 8 pages Strategic management and decision making Strategic management is a disciplined effort or control to make necessary decisions that have an effect on a business or an organization; the aim of strategic management is mainly to develop new, innovative or diverse ideas and opportunities for potential or development, and facilitates or assists an organization to achieve its goals (SM, 2010). In reality, strategic management not only can be

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1348 words - 5 pages Describe how the system of the case study could support each of the decision-making phases of intelligence, design, and choice for the decision-makers. Explain the phase. Explain how the KBS supports or could support the phase for this case. Simon’s decision making process consists of 3 phases which are Intelligence, Design and Choice. These phases can be used to simplify the assumptions, validate the models which are being used in the

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1335 words - 5 pages Introduction Thinking critically and making decisions are important parts of today’s business environment. It is important to understand how the decision making process works and the steps involved. The nine steps of the decision making process are: identifying the problem, defining criteria, setting goals and objectives, evaluating the effect of the problem, identifying the causes of the problem, framing alternatives, evaluating impacts of

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2471 words - 10 pages Contents21 Introduction 21.1 Data collection 21.2 Sampling method & Sample Selection 31.3 Question Schedule 42 Collected Data: 62.1 Analyzing Data: 82.2 Summarizing Data 103 Producing information 103.1 Findings 113.2 Conclusion: 124 Making decisions 124.1 Information processing tools 124.2 Project plan 134.3 Financial tools for decision making 145 References: IntroductionThe importance of online banking service quality is increasing day by

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