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Management And Ethics Essay

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Planning is the most common activity of management in any organization. Planning sets direction for all employees to follow in order to achieve certain objectives and goals. Plans are the basic guidelines that serve as the reference for the future of an organization. "Planning is the conscious, systematic process of making decisions about goals and activities that an individual, group, work unit, or organization will pursue in the future" (Bateman & Snell, 2004). Plans should be consistant with the organization's overall mission statement and there should be an ongoing set of activities to help accomplish this. This paper will evaluate the planning function of management in the Spokane Public School district and how ethics, corporate social responsibility and legal issues impact management within the public schools.Planning FunctionSpokane Public Schools strives to develop the skills and talents of all students within the district. This entails having a strategic plan in place so that the school district is better able to meet the goals and objectives that have been established. It is the job of the board of directors, educational staff, and the community to be involved in the planning and implementing the strategic plan that is set forth by the school district. Because of the teamwork that is involved this has brought forth recognition to the Spokane Public School District as one of excellence across the state and the nation. "Most significantly we are uncoupling the link between poverty and low student achievement" (Strategic Plan, 2004). The goal to have "all" students achieve at higher levels is still an ongoing process. The strategic plan is made up of individuals who represent Spokane Education Association, and administrators. This group does a thorough analysis of the school system's performance and reports back to the board of directors so that changes can be implemented if necessary.Legal Issues"In every state parents and students are subject to laws requiring young people to attend a public school or a state-approved alternative" (Imber & Van Geel, 2000, p15). This law governs who must attend, mandatory attendance, and what types of school satisfy the requirement of compulsory attendance. In most states, it is up to administration to enforce these laws. In Washington State, the Becca Bill was instated by the legislature in 1995. This is a truancy law that mandates school districts to file a petition in juvenile court for students who have excessive or unexcused absences. This petition is filed if a student misses seven days in one month or 10 days in a school year. This involves the schools within the district to have a plan for attendance and how to enforce the plan within each school. Some schools utilize resource officers, which will make visits to homes where a student is continuously absent and inform the parents that his or her child needs to be in accordance with state law.Ethics"Foster expressed the seriousness and...

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