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Management And Leadership Paper: The Army

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While management and leadership have similar duties, they are not the same at all. Specified persons do managing and it is to handle or control a group of people in an organization. The manager also has privileges or differences within the organization, like a special parking space, management meetings, and others. Leadership in the other hand can be done by anybody and it is to guide or direct a group of people. Leaders really put an effort in listening and learning from every employee throughout their organization. So you see, a manager can be selfish sometimes and think about an escape for himself and himself only, while a leader thinks and speak for everyone and he makes sure that everyone escapes first and then he escape.In the Army we differentiate managers and leaders very easily. Managers are selfish while leaders can be managers but they at not selfish at all. Lets talk about managers in the Army. I am a Veteran of the Iraqi war and sadly I dealt with a lot of managers out there. It is just incredible what managers can do over there just to escape from a certain mission or just to get a promotion. I will always remember about a mission I got over at Iraq. A 3rd ID tank got left behind because the tank had no fuel. So we received a mission to help that team and supply them the fuel they needed. I volunteer for the mission since I would have wanted to be helped I was the one out of fuel. My manager CPT Rodriguez was supposed to find me a team to go with me to that mission. He disappeared for a whole day just to not confront me, but as a soldier and a team player I am, I went alone to that mission. In my way to the area where the 3rd ID tank was I was shot but not hit. During the refueling we where shot also but we eliminate the enemy without being hit. After completing the mission and coming back to the base safely, the manager put an award recommendation letter by my backpack, I was so angry about it that I looked for him and told him that I don't need an award to have satisfaction, my satisfaction was to know that my team, unit, and fellow soldiers know they can count on me no matter the situation. An Army manager is often seated in their office acting like they care about their employees, but actually thinking of ways to get a promotion, maybe transferring to another unit or battalion, or just finding a way to get out of a war and leaving their unit with no manager.Now, a leader in the Army is someone you can count on no matter what. It is someone that you could almost never find them in the office as they prefer to be in the work site with the rest of the soldiers, making sure they have water, food, ammunitions, and letting them know he is there if they need anything. During the war at Iraq, our first manager CPT Rodriguez found a way to get out of the tour and went back home leaving us in Iraq without a manager. After 3 days we had a new manager, but this manager was a great leader. I remember that one day a General came to give the...

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