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Management And Leadership Week 5

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Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible" (Gen. Colin Powell). Strong management skills and strong leadership skills will guide an organization to success. The concepts of management and leadership are very different. "Management is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals" (Bateman & Snell, 2007). Leadership therefore, is a function of management. Management in essence is the mundane procedures such as scheduling, training, bookkeeping and the likes that make a business operate. The goal of a manager is to capitalize on the production within an organization through executive decisions. Management according to Miriam-Webster is defined as "the act or art of managing: the conducting or supervising of something (as a business)." This more vague reference to the role of management makes no reference to leadership. So where exactly does the role of leadership fall in the management responsibility, and how?"Managers provide resources...leaders provide vision and influence" (Burrs, pg2). Military leaders emerged on the public front. Leaders such as General Colin Powell, with his brand of no-nonsense, people oriented, brand of management. This type of "open" style management evolved in business and allowed more "empowerment" to the employee. Employees believe that an individual has influence and as a result, instills confidence in work and in the workplace. With this change the organizations found that the old "because I said so..." rationale was ineffective. A whole new breed of manager began to evolve. "Management is problem-oriented and leadership is opportunity oriented" (Covey, 1994, p. 48).Effective management is a necessity in business to deliver the value to stakeholders. The ability to set and attain goals, establish timelines meet deadlines will make an individual an adequate director. Effective leadership skills allow a manager to surpass goals and expectations by influencing others willfully to achieve the vision of the organization. Good leaders are not necessarily on the management staff. Any individual can assume the role of coach, mentor or cheerleader. This individual can affect change and inspire without being in authoritative control of others. Management is responsible for providing a consistent atmosphere supporting the leadership skills within the organization. This is a function of management. This is also how a good manager applies the function of leadership without the specific talents himself.A good leader is one who can inspire and deliver a vision, motivate and stimulate performance of employees and deal with change and diversity. A leader is someone who people will naturally follow through his or her own choice. "A leader exhibits special qualities that induce people to admire him or her. These qualities can include drive, motivation, integrity and self-confidence. A good leader can motivate people to do what is asked. He or she...

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