Management And Organizational Behavior Essay

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I am facing a difficult moment in my newly joined company and had to work out a workable plan to improve the whole organization.I am the new partner of the Apex Architecture Company, an architecture firm which was established since early 1990s. The company was previously owned by two partners, Richard and Stephen. They are both in charged of all the business activities. I have been newly appointed as an operation manager and will be responsible to manage the daily operation of the company.After a two-week observation period, I noticed that the company's performance is not yet being optimized. And also, there are considerably a lot of problems exist within the company.Employees are not appointed into groups or teams officially to handle different jobs, they will just picking up a task randomly. But informally there are two virtual groups, the older and the younger. They have no connection and they have no communication at all. This generation problem is one of the big issues in the company.Besides, all the 30 employees are not having a positive perception and a positive working attitude. For example, they will believe a delay on work is not a big deal as they are not losing their money. Or they will not helping each other to complete a task as they think it is not their responsibility to help the others. And so, these result in a great burden on the whole organization operation.Also, employees are having less or may be none job satisfaction from their jobs. Typically example is the staffs are not being admired with a single word from the management if they have successfully completed a good project. They can't find their value within the work place. And so, this leading to a result of high employee turnover rate.Furthermore, communication rarely happened between the management and the employees. Richard and Stephen are always too busy on pursuing the clients. They don't feel interest on the day-to-day stuffs but they only care the results, because the result could make the clients happy. Or, most of the communication was done through reminder notices or memos or short emails. There was no feedback available at all. This is really a bad example as the vision of the company can't be expressed which will result in the employees not welling to help the company to achieve the defined goals. There are rarely leadership exists in the company.At the year-end performance review, Richard and Stephen didn't keep their promises to their employees for salary review and promotions, because of the company profit is not meeting the expected level. This is also a major problem as both of them didn't demonstrate mutual respect to their employees and didn't treat them fairly and consistently. Therefore, employees are leaving their job as they can't gain anything physically and mentally from the company. The company is then losing a group of valuable staffs and constantly decreasing the rate of productivity and quality.Impact on attitude and perception of people...

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