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Management And Organizational Behavior Leaders And Leadership Case Analysis: Robert L. Johnson

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1) Entrepreneurs are special types of leaders. How would you classify them in general terms of leadership style and characteristics?2) How does vision and charisma play a role in Robert Johnson's success? Are there other important leadership skills he possesses?Entrepreneurs are leaders that know in their gut that creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of their organization. New ideas can lead to programs that are superior to those that are already going on or planned in the organization, and would have been divested or never initiated had a better idea or program come along. Entrepreneurial leaders search continually for ideas and programs that are superior to which the organization is currently committed.Entrepreneurs' leadership style is transformative. It involves charisma, breaking the ordinary, and reaching through time to bring out the best the world has to offer. A visionary leader anticipates events; influences the future and enables people to flourish in fundamental ways. Transformational leaders empower their workers by sharing information, which allows the workers to work more independently and make more educated decisions.The purpose of this paper is to overview the entrepreneurs' leadership style and their characteristics. It also identifies how vision and charisma played a role in Robert L. Johnson's success, and identifies other leadership skills that he posses. This paper describes several leadership skills that Mr. Johnson demonstrated when he was building his enterprise. I will evidence these findings with facts and opinions from subject matter expert's papers, documents and other related materials.Entrepreneurs' leadership style and characteristicsSuccessful entrepreneurs are specialized types of leaders that have a definite set of leadership characteristics that make them good at motivating people. Successful entrepreneurs are usually very focused in their vision and are immersed in making their venture successful. A good entrepreneur uses a dynamic and charismatic approach to motivate their employees to feel the same sort of feelings of success that he or she feels towards the accomplishments of the business. Howard Shultz, the founder of Starbucks Corporation, uses a dynamic leadership style, charismatic personality and vision to propel Starbucks as the premiere specialty coffee house in America, and is well on the way to becoming the global name for specialty coffee houses.Entrepreneurs, by the very nature of the definition, are self-starters that are highly motivated to make their business successful. Most people that start their own business do so because they have the personal drive to put their own ideas into a business venture. It takes a very motivated individual with personal convictions to make a business become profitable and successful. Obviously, if a person has enough gumption to take the steps to start their own business, then they are, by nature, very motivated individuals that want to make their project...

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