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Lastly, the communication of the Excel Nature Group is also good, because they have plan a lot of meeting, trip or events which is non-formal meeting, which can let the employee know more about each other. They also use the electronic media and information technology, such as the whatsapp group or facebook, they are able to let all people know about the changes they make.
To conclude, this company has did well in their control area, the only thing people need to consider before they get in to this job is can they pay for the high cost to purchase the product, they do not have the good-will and they said they are helping another people, but the friend or family would be very concern about ...view middle of the document...

The company is a service contractor, and I only work in the library, we can see the difference between the company and the library. Library would have annual dinner; and we also use the electronic media and information technology, we have our whappsapp group and we share the information in the facebook. Sometimes the librarian would buy some cake or cake to us. We would talk in the office direly and even will organize some event, such as we will go to play table tennis. However, Chandler Macleod Group never do something like these, they do not have a small meeting since I pass the interview. And they would never listen to our comment. This is also a reason why employee leaved this company, they did not provide a chance to the employee to share their comment and suggest, and it looks like we are not get in to this company. The company should have some meeting for us to share our opinion: they should not wait for the problem come out, then start to work, that is too late for the people who want to leave.
I do feel I am responsible to the library, I can be proud to I am working in the library, I like the culture there, co-workers would not do anything in the lunch or dinner time, we watch the films together, and play the game, such as line or candy crash. That’s other company cannot give me we have no competition and we would help each other, once we have the problem, we would fix it together, as a group. But we are not involved in the Chandler Macleod Group, we almost don’t know anything about the company, that is the reason why we don’t have a high organizational commitment to Chandler Macleod Group.
To sum up, library and the Chandler Macleod Group are different, the government has complete systems, and Chandler Macleod Group seems not mature on the cooperating with government and the systems, they still have a lot of things to work on if they want to change their position, because there is already have a company get in to our department.

Reflection on the Management and Organizational Behavior
Management and organizational behavior is not easy to study and not easy to put all of the theory in use. But all of the knowledge is very useful for me, I might not be the manager of a company, but I can analysis my behavior, and I can know more about my co-workers.
In this subject, I mainly learn the ways to motivate employee, if I am a manager or a boss, I could use the Herzberg’s two-Factor theory, the hygiene factors maintain the satisfaction in a normal level, and use the motivators to satisfy the employee. There are a lot of thing that I can do, such as I can let them help with more decision part, or give challenging job to them. And in daily life, I can use the Maslow’s hierarchy to make some basic decisions. And also explain why would I do something or purchase something first. Such as we have the basic need to satisfy, we need water, food, then we need the safety. When we are able to have food and water, than we would start consider buy a...

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