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Management Assignment

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The purpose of this essay is to establish and analyse who and what a manger is, what work a manger undertakes and ultimately the qualities managers possess in relation to one another. Three figures will be used to explore this idea: Charles the CEO of a multinational mining company, Sarah the manager of client services within a large charity and Tony, the team leader of a small manufacturing company. These three figures have one common quality; they are what are known as managers today. Each of these managers have a certain degree of responsibility for a specific level of work, however each manager commonly performs a certain set of managerial functions, roles and skills in order to achieve ...view middle of the document...

, 2012). On the other hand, Sarah the manager of client services within a large charity has less power, responsibilities and decision making to make than that of Charles as a CEO thus linking her to middle management. Middle management is in between that of top management and front-line management, entitling Sarah the sole responsibility and coordination of front-line managers to ensure they are meeting day-to-day targets efficiently to meet objectives set by top managers such as Charles (Robbins et al., 2012). Thirdly, Tony the team leader of a small manufacturing company would be the least significant out of the three managers and would possess the most basic roles and responsibilities as a front-line manager (team leader). He would ensure all employees involved in the production of goods/service were working efficiently and effectively to meet daily, weekly and monthly goals to thereby report to his higher managers (Sarah) (Robbins et al., 2012). It has been established that all three figures work in a hierarchical manner to somewhat direct, control and overlook the actions of those beneath them giving them the title of a manager.
However, for a manager to be effective in their level of work they must ultimately utilise the correct managerial functions and possess the right set of managerial roles and skills for their job. The following paragraphs will explore, analyse and contrast the various managerial functions, roles and skills figures such as Charles, Sarah and Tony would possess and use at their management levels within an organisation.
Henri Fayol a French Industrialist specified that every organisation that exists or ultimately plans on existing irrespective to that organisations size or location must enforce some form of management in place (Brunsson, 2008). Fayol’s notion of general management outlined the tasks managers were to perform during organisational advancement while stating that there was a key separation between the managers and workers of an organisation, highlighting the need for managers to put...

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