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Conducting Difficult Conversations
Observer’s Feedback
Observer: Team 2 Conductor: Pranshu
Difficult Conversation
Very Strong Okay Needs Improvement
Created good conversational climate (Positive greeting & tone, Core Conditions, full attention, eye contact, etc.)
Framed conversation clearly & constructively
[state purpose; relate to mission, overall goals & receiver’s goals; mention positives; set win-win frame]
Stated issue clearly & constructively [“This is what I have observed”; “This is what I/we expect”]
Asked receiver his/her view. Does receiver agree that there is an issue?
Listened actively & confirm understanding.
Showed High “EI” [Self-awareness, Self-Regulation, Empathy, Social Skills]
Explored alternatives and probe effectively,
before giving own suggestions
Asked receiver to choose action/solutions
Offered to help [After receiver’s ideas]
Tried to reach and state explicit agreement on mutual expectations
Expressed appreciation/respect & cordial parting – IF appropriate
Very strong
He gives a very good start to the conversation by asking about the things going on. This start creates a very good conversational climate.
Very Strong
He builds up the conversation well with asking about feedback session going on. This makes the purpose very clear.
Very Strong
He expressed his observation about the problem going on with Lisa on point and carries the conversation very constructively.
Very Strong
He asks the receiver if Lisa...

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