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Memo: Management BehaviorHRM/531 Human Capital ManagementSeptember 30, 2010September 30, 2010Memo To: Supervisory TeamSubject: Management BehaviorWith InterClean undergoing new development and direction, I would like to make all managers aware that the company goal is to provide a wide range of cleaning services and solutions that will become our most productive avenue for sales. By now everyone should have read the memo from David Spencer outlining the acquisition of EnviroTech, and how they are one of the major domestic competitors in the market of the sanitation industry that will give InterClean a competitive edge in productivity and profitability. As managers we must embrace the idea of expanding the company domestically and internationally. The purpose of my memo is to discuss how your behavior as a manager can affect the productivity of each of your team members. Each one of you posses' excellent leadership skills and that is one of the reasons you are in a management positions. Now it is time for you to put your management skills into action and determine the strengths and weakness of employees, and make every effort to appreciate what each member brings to InterClean. There is an issue with employee's morale being low, in order to combat this we as managers should implement an incentive plan that will reward employees and give them motivation that will positively affect our productivity.I would like to address the matter of the numerous ways and reasons employers may violate the law, especially employment law. There are several that come to mind: wrongful termination, failure to pay overtime hours, workplace harassment and failure to pay bonuses and commissions up termination or voluntary leaving the company. I am sure everyone is aware there are numerous laws, state and federal which protect all employees' rights from these violations. For instance, there are laws that protect employees when he or she has to be absent from work...

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729 words - 3 pages This memo is to encourage all first line managers to consider the impending finalization of the merger between InterClean and EnvironTech. This should a positive move for our two companies and it will be our responsibility to orchestrate this event in order to combine the personnel of both companies into a larger and even more successful business. The combination of these two fine organizations is no less than the merging of two cultures. Both

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Management Behavior Memo Essay

776 words - 3 pages and intellectual experience, creative individuals who can keep the work environment thinking globally and reduce the number of possible legal issues as I reviewed earlier. If InterClean focuses on diversity, it can add a wide range of value to our organization.In concluding this memo, I hope everyone has gained a better understanding of how management behavior can affect productivity and how we can help employees remain productive during this

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1025 words - 4 pages Management Behavior PAGE 1 Running Head: Management Behavior MemoManagement Behavior MemoMilton RamosUniversity of PhoenixHRM 531 Human Capital ManagementGroup: PA10MBA02Instructor: Kristine PakApril 8, 2010Workshop 1 Assignment 1MEMORANDUMTO: ManagersFROM: Milton RamosDATE: April 8, 2010SUBJECT: Importance of behavior exhibited by all managersCC: David Spencer, Janet Durham, Tom JenningsInterClean is in the final stages of solidifying the

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947 words - 4 pages To: Supervisory TeamRe:Impact of management behavior during the upcoming merger with EnviroTechAs you are all aware, InterClean will be merging with EnviroTech in the very near future. During this period it will be even more important to adhere to the behavioral protocols of a manager. There are three important areas that we must keep in mind at all times to help ensure a successful merger and transition.1.Your behavior can impact the

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595 words - 2 pages Management Behavior Memo PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 RUNNING HEAD: MANAGEMENT BEHAVIOR MEMOManagement Behavior MemoUniversity of PhoenixHRM 531MEMORANDUMTO: Supervisory TeamFROM:Date: February 22, 2010SUBJECT: The importance of the behavior exhibited by managersUndergoing new development and direction, I would like to inform all first-level managers at InterClean that our goal is to provide a full spectrum of cleaning services and solutions that