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In my search to find an ethics manual with my present employer was impossible. Although they have been in business for nearly fifteen years, the company I work for has failed to establish a code of conduct, which seems to me an ethical issue within itself. According to the text written by Linda K. Trevino and Katherine A. Nelson, "Research has found that employees working in organizations with codes of ethics report that they engage in less ethical behavior." (Trevino et al, 2004) As an employee, I have expectations of my employer and I am sure that my employer has certain expectations and desirable behaviors of its employees, but how can I possibly understand what those are without a written form of direction or guidance? "Research [also] has found that when employees are familiar with the code and refer to it for guidance, they are less likely to engage in unethical behavior, [and] more likely to seek advice about ethical issues and more likely to report ethical violations." (Trevino et al, 2004) During my ethical research for this class, I found a code of conduct that will help me to develop a system of inquiry to use in evaluating decision-making, problem solving, and behavior in a business setting.As I go through this process of inquiring about the company I currently work for, I will analyze how the company I work for can do things somewhat different to align with the code of ethics found during my research beginning with hiring process, employment policies, training, rewarding and punishing employees, organizational structure, and all the way to the firing process. When first applying for this Payroll Specialist position, I came directly from a temporary staffing agency with a well-known reputation with Commercial Interiors, Inc. The staffing agency has a placed many employees at Commercial Interiors so, with that said, one is to assume that Commercial Interiors trust this staffing company to send individuals with essential ethical business practices and Commercial Interiors probably believes that each employee sent from the agency knows the general guideline for conduct at this particular company. In my journey with this company for the past 6 months, I can truly say that it is untrue. It is true that employees have some basic knowledge of how to conduct themselves in a work environment from their previous experience. However, in order to be sure that individuals will comply with violations of law, know affirmative steps to report potential or apparent violations from or through management, employees should receive orientation or a handbook, especially working in the finance department. Questions in my mind arise regarding certain payroll issues from time to time that are somewhat complicated, but there is no formal guide to look back on. Recently, I encountered an issue with holiday pay. Usually, an employee does not receive holiday pay if they did not work the day after or the day before the holiday. During this particular incident I...

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